12 Must Have Web Development Tools for Web Designers

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Have you ever found yourself without the tools you need to perform your job? Check out this list of time saving, free web development tools.

aliens face huggerHello Internet. The following list will no doubt come in handy if you’re a web developer who is without the tools needed to execute your trade. All of the following tools are free so if you should find yourself in need or are just plain frugal you’re in luck. A lot of these programs are staples in my web development toolbox. They’re every bit as good as paid for programs and in my opinion better than other programs you would spend hundreds of dollars on.

Free Web Development Tools for Editing Code

CODE2Have you ever worked for a client or company that doesn’t provide you with the tools you need to do your job? Are you in a position where a client needs something right now if not yesterday, but all you have is notepad? If you find yourself in need of free web development tools for editing code here are just a few editors and IDE’s to consider.

  • Notepad ++: This is a good editor if you’re used to using Dreamweaver. It’s highly customizable and can be set up to look like Dreamweaver which is especially handy when you’re used to the Adobe format. This program is what I commonly use if I don’t have access to Dreamweaver. It acts a lot like my favorite editor and has a lot of the functionality such as auto-complete, collapse-able code, search tools, and more.
  • Sublime Text: Sublime Text is a slick looking interface for code. This text editor is a favorite amongst the JavaScript community but not is not specifically just for debugging JavaScript code. Sublime Text is designed for less distraction. It’s fairly bare bones out of the package but has a lot of tools that you would get with paid code editors.
  • Eclipse: This is another text editor commonly used by the JavaScript community. It’s also popular for developing on-line tools and working collaboratively with large groups. Eclipse considers not only the code you’re working with, but the environment as well. This tool has a lot of options for debugging that can be turned or added on. Eclipse isn’t for beginners, but more for avid web developers. This IDE provides tools that application developers can’t be without.

Free FTP Tools

alien-egg-farmEveryone has there favorite or familiar tools for uploading files. Again if you should find yourself in need the following applications are free. Not only are these file transfer protocol tools free, but very easy to set up and use.

  • WinSCP: I’ve been using WinSCP for years after working in an office where this was the supported client. It’s got a scaled back user interface and is more secure than other free FTP tools you can download online.
  • FireFTP: This is a great FTP client for Firefox users. It is built to work in Firefox. It makes for a great development tool if you’re working within a dev to live type environment.
  • FileZilla: I’m not as big of a fan of FileZilla as it seems like a very consumer based FTP program to me. That being said, it does the job and once again is free.

Free Version Control Tools

games-wallpapers-aliens-vs-predator-widescreen-high-resolution-wallpaper-wallpaper-aliens-vs-predator-3-free-wallpaper-alien-vs-predator-wallpaper-alien-vs-predator-2-wallpapers-hd-alienVersion control is critical when you’re working with groups of other developers. You want a good tool for SVN if you don’t want your code continually being written over. Subversion control is helpful when code breaks as by it’s very nature it keeps versions of your code making it easy to roll back to a stable build in the very real chance that there are too many tech-savvy cooks in the kitchen.

  • Git: Git is possibly the most popular version control system on the market today. There is a bit of a learning curve when learning git bash commands, but is a very powerful tool for branching code on large and small projects alike.
  • TortoiseSVN: Tortoise is a popular widely used Apache SVN client. It’s great in a Windows environment that doesn’t need a cmd client to run.
  • Subversion: Subversion is a popular version control client from the good folks at Apache.org. It’s an open source software project. You can use this program for any project free of charge regardless of your corporate culture.
Free Miscellaneous Tools for Web Developers

2021889-937325_20121211_002This last list of tools are just some highly useful programs I’ve run across during my time as a web developer. Not only have they made my life a lot easier, but are 100% free.

  • WinMerge: WinMerge is a code comparison tool. You can open up versions of files and compare changes side by side. Differences in the code are highlighted to help more easily point out structural errors. This is a huge time saver especially when working with particularly code heavy pages.
  • WampServer: Wamp is a great Windows-based web development environment tool. It’s great in particular for developing PHP and MySQL-driven applications. It can be run locally if you need a sandbox for developing new tools and applications.
  • Snipping Tool: Normally I just use the “Print Screen” function and Photoshop for screen grabs. I recently started using this program which Microsoft added when Windows 7 was born. It has come in handy when for some reason “Print Scrn” does not want to work. Believe it or not, I’ve run into quite a bit. I’m still not sure why as the Snipping Tool is easy to use and already installed if you’re using Win 7 and up.

That’s all for today Internet. I hope you find these tools helpful. If you find this post helpful please share it on your favorite social networks. I really do appreciate it.

Happy coding y’all.



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