Affiliate Program Management Made Easy with 1 Simple Plugin

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Have a WordPress blog and looking for a affiliate program management tool look no further. AdRotate is easy to configure and it's free.

Today I’ll be talking about the AdRotate plugin for WordPress. It’s a great tool for affiliate program management. This self-proclaimed “best for advertising” plugin is easy to set up and run. It’s still actively in development so program updates and improvements are released all the time. This is easily the 5th or 6th version I’ve used since the redesign of this website in May 2013.

If you’re looking for a good banner management program for WordPress look no further. Download and install AdRotate today. This tutorial will guide you through set up once you’re done.

affiliate program management

AdRotate Affiliate Program Management Dashboard

The AdRotate management dashboard is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The graphic below illustrates the different options available. Some advanced options come with the paid version of this plugin, but for today, I will be talking about the free version of AdRotate.

  1. Here’s where you name your ad campaign name and set up your AdCode. Once you’ve uploaded your banner or button to the site directly under this panel you will see an example of your active ad.
  2. This is the code generated to add banners to your website. You can choose to add these to individual posts or to your actual template or both.
  3. Geo Location – Here is where you can set your ads to display to specific geo locations. This option is only available in AdRotate Pro so you’ll have to upgrade to use this.
  4. Advertiser & Budget. Here you can link an ad to your advertisers and set a budget for clicks. Once met they can be set to shut off. This option is only available in the Pro version as well.
  5. This is where you get the short code for your specified ads.
  6. Scheduling – This is where you set the duration of your ads. You can set a start date, stop date, time or set how many impressions you want your ads to receive.
  7. This is a list of the ads you already have scheduled.

Affiliate Program Management Active Ads Dashboard

The banner management dashboard is where you will see how well your ads are performing. It will tell how many times an ad have been displayed, how many times it was displayed that day, how many clicks that ad has received and the click through rate. There’s a global report option with more detailed information, but that is only available in the Pro version.

AdRotate Group Management

In the group management dashboard, you have options for where your ads display automatically. You can choose which categories have ads that start before or after your posts. You can choose which adverts to display randomly if you so choose and can even set new criteria such as ad size and margin. You can also set post injection so that these ads will only show up or not show up on pages and categories that you specify.

AdRotate for WordPress is a Must Have

If you’re currently looking for better ways to monetize your blog this must have WordPress plugin is a great choice. It makes ad management a breeze and is well worth the £ 24.99 for a single license for your site. It makes ad management a breeze. Once you try the free version you’ll no doubt want to upgrade.



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