How to Use your Android Tablet as a Monitor for Presentations

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Follow these step by step directions to root your Android tablet & display images or videos full screen and never have your screen turn off.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to view media full screen on your Android tablet, but in this tutorial I did it for a presentation. By following the steps below you’ll be able to turn your tablet into a glorified monitor that never turns off. This way you can use your 7 inch touch screen as a secondary monitor that can fit into a prototype of your choosing.

Root Your Tablet

The first thing your going to need to do is get root access to your tablet. The programs you need to run require access you don’t get out of the box.

Rooting is a bit different for depending on what tablet you have, but this rooting example should work for most Android tablets running Jelly Bean and above. In this example I’m using a Nexus 7 tablet running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Rooting a Nexus used to be a lot more involved, but thanks to developer George Hotz’ vigilance it’s easier than ever. All you need to do this now is 2 programs. One program for rooting and one for verifying that the root you just performed worked.


That being said, here’s how to do it with 1 simple plugin in less than 2 minutes.

  1. First you’ll need to set your device administration so you can side load these programs.

    On an android phone: Under Settings > Select “Allow installation from unknown sources”.

    On an android tablet: Under Settings > About Tablet “Click on Build number” several times until your tablet indicates you have developer access.

  2. Install Root Checker Basic to use after rooting.
  3. Restart your tablet.

Download These APKs

You can download both of the programs I used to do this from trusted sources below.

This video from Gadget Hacks walks through the rooting process if you prefer.

After the tablet was rooted I used Root Checker Basic to make sure the rooting worked. This required a reboot for me, though it says it’s not required.

Programs to install to Turn your Tablet into a Monitor

I was unable to install Immersive mode without a full Android OS update so I installed the Full!Screen apk. There are other full screen programs, but I’ve used this one in the past and it’s pretty user friendly. To make sure the tablet never turns off unless I want it to I used Stay Awake. Both of these programs are available for download on the Google Play Store.

Download These APKs to Turn your Tablet into a Monitor

You can download both of the programs I used to do this from trusted sources below.

  • Full!Screen
  • Stay Awake
  • GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode
Full-Screen Immersive Mode on Android

I haven’t installed this program yet, but this seems like another good option. Being that I didn’t want to downgrade my OS the route I took was faster. The video below shows you step by step how to install GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode.

Happy rooting folks.

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