BananaTag the Greatest Email Tracking Program with the Worst Name

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Are you looking for a way to see if a client or potential new employer opened an email you sent? Try BananaTag the greatest email tracking program with the worst name possible.

banana-tagHave you ever sent out an email that you wanted to know if it was opened or not? Ofcourse you have, but if you’re not using a program like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact your options are limited. And then along comes BananaTag.


I know the name is horrible and I can’t stop calling it banana hammock. The service is fantastic for not only email marketers, but anyone interested in tracking an important email that was sent to a possible client, customer future boss will love what this program provides.

Using BananaTag for Job Hunting

If you’ve ever been on the side of the job hunter then you know the agony of waiting to hear back about an email you sent off to a would-be an employer. Thanks to BananaTag you will be notified immediately once your email has been opened and not only that but what links your recipients clicked on. This is particularly important when using social media for job hunting. Including a link to your social networks will help possible job opportunities to contact you through your method of choice. Not only that, but you’ll be able to see if you were followed at all giving you a metric for gauging how well your Twitter account, Facebook fanpage, Google+ page was received etc, etc.

Banana Hammock…ahem…BananaTag Explained

BananaTag provides a pretty robust dashboard even for users with a free account. The following screen shots outline metrics provided to members with unpaid memberships.

BananaTag Default User Dashboard
From the main dashboard, you can see any email you’ve tagged for notification purposes. Not only that, but you can see the recipient as well as when they actually clicked on the email. From this panel, you can also see how many hours it has been sent your email was sent then opened. Keep track of emails and subject lines here to test for effectiveness. Here you can try out new subjects based on which ones were clicked on.
Banana Tag
BananaTag Resources Dashboard
From the resources tab, you can download plugins for your preferred email program of choice. Download plugins for tracking emails from Outlook, Gmail or any mobile based email clients. There’s also a link to all main analytical areas as well as a knowledge base for new users.
Banana Tag email tracking program
BananaTag Metrics Dashboard
From the metrics dashboard, you can view such statistics as:

  • Opened vs. Unopened Emails
  • Unclicked vs. Clicked Emails
  • Unique vs. Repeat Clicks
  • Desktop vs. Mobile Clicks

This is one of the most intriguing features as you can see how the recipient ratio is working out for you. From here you can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t giving you the opportunity to adjust and alter campaigns that are less fruitfully than others.

Who Should Be Using BananaTag?

There are a number of people that could benefit from this plugin, but as I see it this is a great tool for email marketers, job seekers, and PR people alike. If you have a need to see who’s looked at your emails and who hasn’t given this plugin a Shot. It’s free for up to 5 emails a day if you need convincing. You’ll be glad you did.



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