Better Blogging Tips for Bloggers that want Better Blogs

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Better blogging tips for bloggers seeking better blogs. If you're interested in better traffic to your blog or website these tips will help.

better blogging tipsThis is going to be a short post as there are better blogging tips that came to mind while writing blog tutorials today. These are easy tips that should help make your posts more relevant. As I’m using WordPress as my blogging platform some of these tips are specific to that CMS, but many will apply to any blogging editor.

better blogging tips

Better Blogging Tips #1 Use Images to Stir Up Controversy

I try to add images to all my blog posts as people like to see them. This may sound crazy, but many of the top bloggers out there agree that images are important as they grab attention, help enhance your posts and can truly speak a thousand words.

better blogging tips

Better Blogging Tips #2 Visitors Love Bullet-ed Lists

When possible format your article’s main points with bullet-ed lists. They’re easy to create even if you don’t know how to code. They’re easy to quickly scan and digest.

  • Bullet-ed
  • Lists
  • Are
  • Easy
  • To
  • Digest

better blogging tips

Even More Blogging Tips For Better Blog Posts

If your reader can easily pick out the broad strokes of your blog post they are more likely to actually retain something from what you have written. People often skim articles while browsing the internet. Pointing out the highlights of your posts with bullet-ed lists make your content easier for people to absorb.better blogging tips

Better Blogging Tips #3 Make Use Of Tags And Categories

The reason for using tags and categories is that it’s just plain good for SEO. By clicking on a tag or category you will be provided with keywords relevant to a user’s search. A page properly tagged in WordPress will return the following easy to understand text, “posts tagged with”. Categories make it easier to track down what you’re looking for quickly as you can choose them from a list or drop down.

Secondly using categories and tags will create search engine optimized URL’s which is important as this is one of the most important things the search engine bots are looking for.

better blogging tips

Bonus Blogging Tip: Don’t Use Microsoft Word When Writing Articles

Many people use Microsoft Word when writing blog posts for it’s formatting and spell check functions. The reason this is bad is that Word formats punctuation differently than other text editors. Commas, quotes, and apostrophes specifically are usually hindered by this program. By default, WordPress will convert unrecognized uses of < and > into characters which actually look like &lt ; and &gt ;. This will screw up your SEO efforts if you’re paying attention to keyword density – (The amount of time your keyword is repeated with-in an article); and your titles which are the 2nd most important feature of a blog post that the search engine spiders look for.

Correct Example – Nate’s Blogging Tips
Pasted From Word – Nate&lt ;s Blogging Tips

Another reason people use Word is for linking text. If you’re not familiar with html it makes sense to do it this way. I personally write my posts in Dreamweaver, but for those that are not code savvy this really isn’t an option. I would suggest that you write and save your post in the default wysiwyg editor. Most blogging platforms use them. Here’s a shot of WordPress’ wysiwyg editor.

So like I said this was a quick post, but important nonetheless if you’re interested in garnering more relevant organic traffic and higher rankings in said organic results.

Happy blogging folks!



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