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Provide a better blogging experience for your visitors. Make it easy for them to navigate & follow these WordPress tips for the best results.

There are a lot of blogging platforms to choose from available to bloggers these days. For a better blogging experience I would suggest WordPress as your blogging platform of choice and here’s just a few reasons why.

I prefer WordPress as my content management system as I feel like it provides a much better blogging experience due largely to the gigantic library of time tested plug-ins available.

There’s almost no facet of better blogging not covered by the WordPress plug-in library. Here you can currently find 41,827 plug-ins built for almost anything you might like to have on your blog.

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10 WordPress Plug-ins for a Better Blogging Experience

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WordPress Plug-ins for Better Blogging Usability

It’s important that your blog is easy to use. If visitors can easily navigate your site and find what they’re looking for this will increase user retention and in turn get more visitors from good press and social shares.

I use the following plug-ins to help make my site more usable. It’s important to me to provide a better blogging experience for my visitors to keep them coming back.

  1. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – This is a great plug-in for determining what widgets and plug-ins are taking the longest to load. It’s important to have a fast loading blog to decrease bounce rates.
  2. Surbma – Yoast Breadcrumb Shortcode For better navigation and SEO it’s important to have a breadcrumb navigation. With a breadcrumb trail visitors can easily determine where they are on your blog. It also helps for showing up in the SERPs.
  3. Homepage Excerpts This is a great plug-in for summing up your posts in short, easy to digest blurbs. Adding these to your home page will quickly let your readers know what your site is all about. People in general scan content. They’re not reading word for word so it’s important to give them bite size posts they can read at a quick glance.
  4. Broken Link Checker Everyone hates broken links. Not only people, but bots. It’s to your advantage to make sure your site has as few broken links as possible. Things are constantly moved or removed form the Internet. This plug- in will automatically let you know when a link goes down. It’s up to you to remove it or link to different content.
  5. Pro Categories Widget I like this widget for displaying my categories better than the built in widget WordPress currently has. It’s clean and simple to use.

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WordPress Plug-ins for Better Blogging Safety

Having a safe blog is important not only to you, but to your visitors as well. Making your visitors feel like they aren’t going to be download Malware from your site is important. You want to instill comfort in visitors so they stay and or come back.

Safety can also be categorized in functionality and code back up. If your site should go down you’ll want to have a fresh copy of your latest code. You’ll also want that code to be as compact as possible. The next few plug-ins fulfill these needs.

  1. Really Simple CAPTCHA This is a good plug-in for reducing bunk comments by determining if the commenter is a bot or not. Not human? No posty.
  2. WP-Optimize I use this plug-in all the time for cleaning up my database. It easily removes transient options as well as post revisions and unused tables that get created over time.
  3. Online Backup for WordPress This plug-in is a no-brainer and should probably be a core feature of WordPress. You can schedule updates to be backed up on a server or have them emailed to you to insure you always have a backed up version of your most recent site code if you have any issues of any kind.


WordPress Plug-ins for Social Interaction

Getting your content shared and commented on is important for establishing your blog in a niche as well as getting more clicks. Ofcourse you want to get your users reacting to your content. It’s what you’re creating it for in the first place. The following plug-ins will help get your content out to social media.

  1. Comments Evolved for WordPress This is a great plug-in that allows commenting from a number of different social networks. Visitors don’t need to be a member of your website to leave comments. By using a number of different social services they can comment on your site. This comment is also reflected on the social network they chose to comment with. Currently supported social networks include Facebook, Google+, WordPressG+, Disqus or Livefyre
  2. WP Social Networks Widget I love this plug-in for it’s ease of use. From your admin panel, you can easily link to your social networks. It’s brilliantly easy and leaves a neatly organized list of your networks including icons.
Give Visitors a Better Blogging Experience & They’ll Come Back

I’ve been an SEO specialist for some time now and over the years I’ve learned a thing or 2 about giving visitors what they want. Use these tips wisely and you’ll not only build your community but get more WordPress traffic and clicks to boot.



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