Bootstrap Shadow Effects and CSS3 Examples

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Looking for a way to decrease page load time while optimizing for the search engines at the same time? Try a bootstrap shadow to optimize for the bots.

With modern CSS3 there’s so much we can now do that once was previously only available in Photoshop graphics. Today I’ll be talking about CSS3 Bootstrap shadow effects.

Using CSS instead of imagery is important for your SEO efforts because bots see text. Yes, you can add text in the title and alt tags, but they are not as targeted as stylized and optimized text for the web. Especially if you style your heading tags and use them in place of graphics. For more insight on why this is important read about what the search engines are looking for right here.

Bootstrap Shadow Effects for Text

Once again with the advent of CSS3 we can now create compelling text that once could only be done in Photoshop. This is good for 2 reasons.

  1. No big graphics to load so your pages are lighter.
  2. Text is index-able by the search engines.

Images that were once created in Photoshop if un-optimized could take time to load. The slower your pages are the more likely to see your bounce rates go up in Google Analytics. Read more about slow load times turning visitors off.

Bootstrap Drop Shadow

Bootstrap Shadow Glow

Bootstrap Drop Shadow Blur

Bootstrap Shadow Multi Color

Bootstrap Shadow Effects for Images

Obviously we’re still going to use images on our sites. It wouldn’t make sense not too, but rather than applying drop shadows ahead of time why not do this with CSS? This can blanket-ly be applied to every image on your site if you feel so inclined with one CSS class. Below are a few practical uses of drop shadows with images.

bootstrap shadow

bootstrap shadow

bootstrap shadow

bootstrap shadow

Bootstrap Shadow Code

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