Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tips for Creating an Elegant Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan

I’m writing this post today as a tutorial and as a way of fleshing out my own content marketing plan for promotions for the next couple months. It’s my hope that by writing out these steps I’ll not only help all of my viewers create their own content marketing plan, but better formulate my own as well.

The list below has been created to not only give ideas about how to create and promote marketing content but evaluate how effective your campaign actually was. I’ll be covering the before, during and after phases of content promotion as well as providing what I hope are solid content marketing examples.

Plus the tragic true story about Frank Lloyd Wright’s family

Content Marketing Plan

Establish Content Marketing Plan Goals

Before writing any post really it’s important to know your marketing goals. What outcome would you like to see with the article/ content you’re creating. Are you trying to gain traction with a particular keyword? Are you looking for more visitors to a specific landing page? Are you promoting a product you want more people to see?

Knowing your goals before creating content will help the writing process as you will undoubtedly have an idea in mind of what you hope to accomplish with a post. With this in mind, you will organically form keyword combinations that will aid in search and will help you place better in search engine results pages.

With that said, I’ll list my content marketing plan intentions below in the hopes that it will stimulate your own goals. Not only that but help keep my own goals in check.

My content marketing goals for this post are:

  • Drive traffic to my website
  • Improve blog branding
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Increase visitors/ viewers
  • Create link opportunities for other niche websites
  • Create virally shareable content for social media
  • Create opportunities for site in-linking

Content Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan

A decent percentage of my traffic comes from social networks. I plan to take advantage of the following networks with a specific social media marketing campaign for each. This is an important website traffic tip if you are looking to promote individual posts or pages.

Easy tips for creating an elegant content marketing plan. Follow these tutorials and content marketing examples for a content plan that performs.

Posted by Better Blogging Tips on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Easy tips for creating an elegant content marketing plan. Follow these tutorials and content marketing examples for a content plan that performs. by Better Blogging Tips on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Facebook Promotions

Create a unique and intriguing Facebook promotion and set a budget for it. Promoting posts through Facebook is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It’s fairly cheap and easy to do. For this, I will create an image specifically for my viewers and provide a short link. By the way why don’t you like and follow me on Facebook already?

Twitter & Google+ Promotions
Create unique and intriguing image for sharing on Twitter. Images stand out on Twitter and Google+ posts. It’s my hope to get as many eyeballs as possible on my tweets. I’ll be using 2 services in conjunction with my twitter posts in my social content marketing plan.

  1. – This link shorten-er is great for 2 reasons. The first aforementioned reason being a short link for ease of sharing. The second reason to use when you tweet is for the great click tracking it provides in its dashboard.
  2. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is great for scheduling tweets. By scheduling tweets you can make sure your posts wind up in front of your followers and likeminded tweeters when they are most active on the popular social network. If you haven’t used Hootsuite for Twitter yet and are an active Marketer and Tweeter you really should get on board.

If these tips sound interesting why don’t you follow me on Twitter or follow me on Google+ even?

Content Marketing Plan
Flickr Branded Content
For this post I will be hosting my images on Flickr in the hopes of not only making attractive imagery, but drive traffic from the social network. Embedding content hosted on Flickr is good for a couple of reasons.

  1. Embedded content attribution – by embedding Flickr content you’ll notice that on mouse over author credit appears as well as a link back to the profile the image belongs to.
  2. Flickr traffic – Although Flickr adds “nofollow” tags to its imagery you can still promote links to your followers and groups. This way you can also promote brand awareness as well as gain new visitors that might not have found you otherwise.

Content Marketing Plan

Submit Content to Top Referrers

Once this article goes live I will contact my top referrers about possible link opportunities. It’s a good idea to see who your most influential referrers are and form a relationship with them. I use Google Analytics to see who the top sites that link back to me are. With this in mind, I can contact them about link opportunities or comment on like posts to drive targeted traffic to my blog.

Evaluate Content Marketing Campaign

Content Marketing Plan
It’s important to track your traffic to evaluate how well your content is received and how effective was. By tracking your traffic you’ll be able to locate linking opportunities, create new content better directed to your audience, point out website errors and a hundreds of other important web metrics. I use a few different programs for tracking web engagement, but my favorite would have to be Google Analytics.

Once your content is live you can use analytics to find out where your traffic is coming from and adjust your linking and social media campaigns accordingly. Over time, you’ll see what visitors responded to and use that information for your next promotional effort.

Please Share and Comment

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. If it helped in any way please comment below and share it on your favorite social networks. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in link opportunities. Happy blogging.

The Architecture of Frank Llyod Wright

The blueprints on this page are from one of my favorite artists Frank Llyod Wright. The word “plan” triggered my choice of art. So for no other reason than that, I added this gallery to this page. You’re welcome Internet.

Attack at Taliesin I
As fate would have it something seriously macabre happened at Taliesin I that I had to post here. This may just be a future post for 3 Questions in the future.

A disgruntled chef who was fired killed part of Frank Lloyd Wright’s family with a roofing hatchet. He then set a room at the far end of the house on fire and waited for visitors to try and escape and took them down as they ran from the flames.