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Content Writing Advice for Building Website Traffic

If you have a blog you would probably like people to read your posts. I’m assuming. For the majority of us bloggers we write content to drive WordPress website traffic to our posts. We’re looking to attract eyeballs that can influence and share our content and in turn create even more traffic. Like a domino knocking down the next, we strive to create a chain reaction that leads traffic to our home page. Our Rube Goldberg machine, however, isn’t needlessly elaborate for no reason. Quite the opposite our content is researched and directed for a specific outcome. It’s my hope that the following content writing advice will help do just that for my followers.

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Content Writing Advice Tip 1: Write Content that Interests You

I’m going to start off with a tip that feels like a softball pitch, but will explain just why this may be the most important tip on this page. Writing about something you know is a lot easier than writing about something you could care less about that may have some good keyword potential. Writing what you know is important for developing your niche. Writing about the things you know is more personal and in turn will organically more searched for because of your terminology. If you write about what you know you’re more apt to use vocabulary that fit’s your niche. It’s more likely that like minded people will use some of the same terms that closer fit your niche.


Content Writing Advice Tip 2: Know Your Niche

If you don’t have a niche it’s high time you decided what yours is. A niche is important to describe to the search engines just what your website is all about. If you just write about whatever is on your mind on any given day your efforts may well be in vane. This post is for serious bloggers looking to engage and call the masses to action.

For instance, my niche is that of the web design, development, and blogging industry. I’ve been blogging for the last 12 years. I’ve been a web developer for almost 16 years now. Hence, I am a bit of an authority in my field. I write about what I know and give advice to other bloggers and designers. My content, demeanor, ads and interests are geared for this industry.

It’s important to know what your readers are looking for in order to give them what they like. They’re more likely to pass it on to friends, social networks and other like-minded people. SO if you don’t have or know your niche get cracking on it. Sign up for a Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools account and see what people are typing to find your site.

content writing advice

Content Writing Advice Tip 3: Maintain a Daily SEO Blog

More to the point maintain a website that has regular content centered around a group of keywords. Before you start writing think about what it is you want to write about. Use keyword suggestion tools and Google Trends to determine what keyword or keyword group you want to write about. If you write about a topic that interests only you, it’s unlikely others will want to read what you’ve written.

Spend some time and effort planning your posts. A well thought out and researched article will garner more views than a rambling diatribe of convoluted thoughts. It’s not bad to ramble on about your topic, but don’t get away from what your actual message is. Stay focused and keep in mind your audience. Don’t hesitate to use your keyword or group where appropriate. You don’t need to shoehorn it into your blog, but don’t forget it’s good to include your keywords where appropriate. The bots see text. They’re evaluating what your page is about. Let them know.

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Content Writing Advice Tip 4: Perform a WordPress SEO Audit

This is an important blogging tip. For this tip I would use the Yoast SEO Tool plug-in for WordPress. this plug-in evaluates every post on your site and gives it an SEO grade. All you have to do is enter the keyword you want to optimize your page for. It will give you a list of suggestions that will make your page more search engine friendly.

This is another reason why you need to know your niche. Keep track of the genre you write about. Make a list and continue to build it. Use this list for post ideas. Plug them into the SEO tool to check your keyword density and see if you can’t add said keyword anywhere else throughout your post.

The Yoast SEO plug-in will give you tips on what to include in your meta tags. This is what shows up in the SERPs. You only have about 2 sentences to explain what your post is about. Make your words count. This plug-in will help keep you in check.

content writing advice

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