Create Tinted Photos with Hints of Color in Photoshop

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Check out my quick tutorial for making custom tinted B+w photos that get attention with Photoshop.

Tinted photosWith the ease of capturing literally anything at any moment with our smart phones, snapping slice of life moments like the picture below are pretty common. However depending on the device, the onboard camera and the resolution image experience does vary greatly. In this tutorial, I will show you how to take an average cell phone image, turn it black and white and pull color back into it for a neat ghostly effect.

Step 1 Cutting Out your Image with the Polygonal Lasso Tool

So here’s my original image. We’re going to use the lasso tool to select the color part of this image we want to keep for the effect.

Click on the lasso tab in the toolbar and select “Polygonal Lasso Tool”. This is useful for outlining complex angles. By zooming in a bit and carefully outlining your image you can separate it for further altering. Then..

  • ctrl + c
  • ctrl + v

..and paste this into a new layer. We’ll be creating our base black and white image next.

Step 2 Create a Black and White Image

Right click on the original cell phone image and create a duplicate of that layer. Then..

  • ctrl + a
  • ctrl + c
  • ctrl + n

…when the new image module selects Grayscale for your Color Mode. Paste your copied image into the new custom grayscale PSD. Once the color is converted.

  • ctrl + a
  • ctrl + c
  • ctrl + v

..your black and white image in a layer beneath your color image.

Viola the creepy mirror house stands alone.

Step 4 Adjust Image Color & Contrast

Taking your b+w image and making it a bit hot will help to pull out the colors you’re looking to enhance. Pump the contrast up for darker darks. For an even deeper contrast you can adjust the curves, but make sure not to over due it. It’s easier to wash out an image by upping the contrast.

Higher contrast & higher brightness.

Step 5 Adjust Create your Ghost Layer Using Gaussian Blur

Click on your duplicated layer of the 1st black and white picture. This is where you will apply the filter > blur > Gaussian Blur. You can use the slider to enhance the blurred effect.

Step 6 Adjust your Opacity and Save

Turn on your duplicated b+w layer from before and turn it’s opacity down. For this image, I went down to 70%. Allowing the blurred layer below it to give a kind of ghostly feel.

You have to admit that this content is more engaging than the original



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