How to Create Engaging Blog Content that People Will Read

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Tips for creating engaging blog content that people want to read. Start writing stickier content now. If you write it they will come.

If you run a blog you’re likely always looking for traffic, because traffic = people reading your message and ultimately clicking links that put money in your pocket. To create engaging blog content you want people to read there are some things you can do that will give your viewers a reason to stay on your page. The longer they’re on your site the better the chance you have of selling your goods and or services.

Write What You Know

Engaging Blog ContentYou might think that this is a given, but people often times write about goods or services that have good payouts for affiliate programs. These writers often come off as spammy and can end up getting you black listed by search engines if it looks like you’re keyword stuffing.

By writing about what you know you inadvertently use language germane to your subject. This is writing for a niche. By writing about what you know you can discover keywords that you didn’t know people were searching for. This can help guide your efforts and help you create viral topics for your blog or website.

It also doesn’t hurt to sound interested in what you’re writing. If you yourself are bored with your content what makes you think it won’t make others yawn and click away? Writing with passion about your subject is a good way to keep like-minded people reading until the end of your post rather than bouncing away from your page. You have a very short period of time to get someone’s attention. If they don’t see what they’re looking for in title or bullet they will quickly click away.

Make Engaging Blog Content that’s Visually Stimulating

Engaging Blog Content and like to take in information in easy to digest packets and pictures. Using screen shots is a good way to create content that’s not only your own but visually contextual as well.

When applicable arrange your content into lists. People like lists. They’re easy to look at and visually digest. Lists create a glossary of post engaging blog content. Visitors can quickly and easily scan information they’re searching for in an itemized list.

Add your keywords in your titles tags

Not only will this make it easier for viewers to determine what your page is about quickly, but H or “Heading” tags play a role when the search engines index your page. It’s important to include your targeted keywords in your titles because they pull more weight and are used as a focal point when the bots are trying to determine what your post is about. This will also help give you better website visibility in the SERPs where ending up higher in the results means more visitors.

Blog Controversially Stupid

CEngaging Blog ContentWriting engaging blog content that is controversial is a great way to engage your visitors and encourage comments. Sometimes taking the opposing side of a topic is a good way to not only push buttons, but invent a topic you might not have otherwise written about. Here’s an example.

  1. How to Make Good Blog Posts
  2. How to Create Engaging Blog Content that People will Immediately Re-Tweet

What would you rather click on? The titles above may not relate to your niche, but notice how with a little bit of forethought you can create compelling content that tempts or provokes visitors to click. When I say be controversial I don’t necessarily mean that you have to make people angry. Rather it’s a good idea to take a strong stance on your subject and follow up by defending it.

Use Proper Grammar When Blogging

Again, this may seem like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of content I’ve seen that’s chocked full of grammar and spelling errors. Make use of spell and grammar check at the very least. Poorly formed content makes you look a lot less like an authority in your field. This doesn’t instill confidence in your readers and can send them away from your website.


Engaging Blog Content Re-Cap

Viewers are fickle. They want to see information delivered to them that’s easy to digest and quickly gets across what your post is about. Follow the bullets below for better blogging success.

  • Write what you know.
  • Use images and lists in your content.
  • Be controversial!
  • Use proper grammar.

With a little bit of planning and research you’ll be writing engaging blog content that turns visitors into return visitors. Happy blogging.



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