Facebook Advertising Guide Made Easy

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Are you new to advertising on Facebook? Use this Facebook advertising guide to create your first ad and watch your traffic soar.

Have you been looking for a new avenue for getting more attention to your posts and or website? Consider this Facebook Advertising Guide. Facebooks ads inexpensive and quite effective. It takes no time at all to set up your first ad and you’ll see traffic right away. It’s a lot like making a post on Facebook, but you can choose your audience and if your ad works anything like mine did it gets a lot more views.

Facebook Advertising Guide

Facebook Advertising Guide

Like I said Facebook advertising is as easy as posting on Facebook . If you have a post that needs a little attention give it a shot. First off you should pick a compelling image. This will appear in posts and sidebars and will get people’s attention so make it something that gets attention. Humor is a good route. Making someone laugh is a good tip for writing as well as for advertising.

There are a couple things different when you create an ad for Facebook. Firstly, you have to pay. Like I said advertising on Facebook can be quite affordable. I set my ad to run for about a day. It cost me five dollars. You can add more if you like or even up it incrementally depending on what you would like to promote.

With Facebook ads, you also have the option to choose which areas you would like your ads displayed in and an age range demographic. It helps to know your demographic. This will help hugely when marketing. Chances are you already have a good idea who you’re writing for. Stick with that unless you are trying to reach a new demographic.

Facebook Advertising Guide Bonus Tip
I like to add a bit.ly link when I post for more stats on my clicks. It takes less than a minute, It’s super easy to d and you can find out how to use bit.ly here. See why it also helps to use bit.ly when you tweet.


Anatomy of a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads have to be ok’ed by someone on the Facebook staff to make sure they are not questionable content so use good common sense when you’re putting your ad together. It’s ok to be a little bit on the controversial side just keep it clean.

Facebook Advertising Guide

Why Advertise on Facebook?

With one ad for 5 dollars I was able to reach 1115 people. In a short period of time I was able to engage 18 new visitors. It’s as good for traffic as it is for promoting a product or service. Facebook ads are particularly good for seasonal or timely advertising.

Once you find an ad that works hold onto it. Finding something that strikes a vein with your visitors is something you should remember. When you find something that works try some variations on a theme. Keep them in your back pocket for the next time you want to advertise a post or product.

Advertising on Facebook is easy, cheap and highly effective. If you’re not sure…come on its 5 dollars. You’ll see the return immediately reflected in your Facebook ad stats. Experiment with a few different posts and see how well it works for you. Watch your Google Analytics for Facebook referrers. Your new stats might just change your mind about advertising with Facebook.



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