10 Helpful CSS3 Tools and Tips

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10 useful CSS3 tools and tips that will make any web designers life easier. Check out these great CSS3 time saving utilities.

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When you’re working with CSS there’s precious little you can’t do to manipulate pages and elements. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish there are a lot of great tools available that will help speed up progress by generating code for more complex actions.

So with that said here are 10 great resources that should help you not only be more efficient with your code writing but help you learn new markup that you may not have known before.

  1. Generate CSS3 Cross Browser Compatible Gradients

    Colorzilla has a brilliant tool that will generate cross browser compatible gradient CSS code for use in your work. Colors can be imported from existing CSS or even an image that can be used for sampling. This tool will also generate code for IE 9 support that require the use of SVGs.

  2. Media Query Snippets Code Reference

    If you’re working on a responsive design; and for the most part you really should be: you can make use of the following tool to create media query snippets. This tool has media query support for all manners of monitors, phones and tablets. If you need a quick snippet for a query you can select your device and or resolution and copy code from here. Yo BAM!

  3. CSS3 Tutorials from the Source

    If you’re new to CSS3 or just need to reference some code W3C Schools is a great source for compliant code. If you’re searching for W3C Schools CSS3 tutorials this is a must visit link!

  4. Border Radius Generator

    Building page elements with rounded corners is made drop dead easy by utilizing this visually represented border radius generation tool. You can easily style out boxes on the fly and see what they look like as you type.

  5. CSS3 Button Maker

    This is another great tool that makes coding stupid simple by providing visual representation and then generates button code once you’ve defined what you want the buttons to physically look like. This tool includes radius radius sliders, support for all states of buttons, backgrounds and text.

  6. CSS3 Patterns

    The CSS3 patterns gallery is helpful when you’re creating a graphically compelling site that utilizes css. The pattern library has a great selection of designs to choose from and is supported in Firefox 3.6+, Chrome, Safari 5.1, Opera 11.10+ and IE10+. Patterns are great for backgrounds for your entire site or just informative bits of content you’d like to stick out on a page.

  7. CSS Shapes

    When you’re working with CSS you want to render everything you can through code without the use of images that can bog down load times. Using CSS shapes in your designs are a great way to add visual elements to your designs without including any actual imagery.

  8. CSS3 Transform Property References & Examples

    The transform property in CSS allows for better and awkward placement of page elements. Code can be added to your stylesheet to not only place your content where you want to on a page, but allow you to set the angle as well. Gone are the days of creating imagery to support your coding dreams. This resource again give you the the advantage of being able to manipulate and view the code on a page as you’re working with it.

  9. Animate CSS

    Animate CSS is a great site for creating custom CSS animations. The site has a library of pre-formed animations that you can alter on the website itself and perform tests before using them on your own.

  10. Cross-Browser CSS3 Rule Generator

    CSS3 Please! is a great visual tool for writing CSS3 code. The visual representation of formed code makes writing robust CSS a breeze. Once you’ve formatted your styles how you like it you simple copy the source code right from the page or you can download this source code from Github.



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