Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Hootsuite for Scheduling Tweets & Updating Social Networks


hootsuite tipsScheduling tweets with Hootsuite is a good way to market prior posts with the addition of new titles, and hashtags. Whenever you write a post people use a number of keyword searches to arrive on the page you created.

Even if you’re using due diligence tracking and researching keywords often times it’s hard to determine what keyword phrase or grouping will trigger the most traffic. By re-tweeting prior posts, you can get them in front of the eyes of your followers that may have missed it before. Not only that, but you can and should try different key phrases in order to generate a better yield of targeted traffic.

Example: With the article I wrote; Downgrade Nexus 7 Tablet From Lollipop to KitKat, I realized after looking through Google Analytics that the way people were finding this post was by entering, “downgrade nexus 7 to kitkat“. So when I went to re-schedule a tweet it looked something like this.

Downgrade #Nexus7 to #KitKat

By re-wording your posts you appeal to a wider and often different market. Not only will this be re-broadcast to your Twitter followers, but also be picked up in the search engines and aggregators with your newly rephrased title. So now that I’ve told you why this is important let’s look at how to do it.

How to Schedule Tweets with Hootsuite


  1. If you haven’t done so already sign up for an account and download the program at It’s free, but they do offer a paid version which includes unlimited social media marketing services.
  2. Sign in to your panel and create your tweet. See the screen-shot above.
  3. From this panel you’ll be able to set the date, time and social network you wish to post to.
  4. Once this is set you’ll see your tweet show up in the pending Tweets panel of Hootsuite.

use-hootsuite-to-schedule-tweetsIt’s just that simple. Now you’re tweet is ready to go. Play around with the time of day you send your tweets out.

Problogger says you should time your posts to go out during business hours Mon-Fri US time. As our niches are fairly similar I find that this is when I garner most of my traffic. And he’s from Australia, but this is his most effective time for posting. You can toy around with what time you posts your tweets and follow your traffic to see when the best time of day works for you.

3 Bonus Tweeting Tips

twitter-tipsI got this tip from the e-book Twitter Dummy from John Paul Aulaguiarand have been putting it to the test. Since implementing some of the tips I learned here I’ve been able to significantly impact my Twitter traffic in 1 month’s time. Below are just some of the things I’ve been implementing that have been working to drive traffic to my website using Twitter.

Use Provocative Titles
Don’t simply re-post the title of your article. People have seen this before and can once again feel like your spamming them with a redundant tweet. Come up with provocative or controversial 140 character or fewer tweets to help attract a different group of viewers.

Using different key phrases can attract different viewers. Mix it up. What works for some does not necessarily work for all. Use Google’s keyword planner tool to help find new trends and hot keywords and phrases. Include these in your tweets.

Hash Tags, Hash Tags,Hash Tags
Hashtags are how Twitter groups search for keywords. Do some research to see which hashtags best suit your subject. is a great site for trending relevant hashtags. Relevancy can make all the difference when you optimize for visitors that use Twitter for search.

do-not-overtweetDO NOT OVER TWEET!! Too many blatant re-tweets of your post can be seen as spam and can get people to stop following you. If you are scheduling your tweets come up with more than one clever phrase to use so your followers aren’t always seeing the same tweet over and over. Since I will only be posting this tweet a couple times I will stick with the same title. That being said you really shouldn’t be posting links to the same article very often.

Tweets in moderation will go a lot farther in getting traffic and not spamming your followers is something you should always be conscious of. Use these tips to your advantage trendy tweeters.