Improving Website Traffic with Better Blogging Tactics

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In this post I discuss my blogging resolutions for 2014 and provide "EVERGREEN" tips anyone can use for improving website traffic.

Happy 2014 everyone. I hope you had a great yuletide season. Amidst digesting the copious amounts of cream cheese and shrimp I’ve eaten over the past few days I decided that I wanted to make a quick post of my blogging resolutions for 2014. I would like to pick up the pace with this blog and create new content more often. I plan on improving website traffic and gaining new viewers.

So in an effort to make a difference Blogging this year I decided to make a post about what I would like to do for the next 365 days that would help support and grow

Coincidentally, these are good tips for anyone interested in improving readership and website traffic. SO PAY ATTENTION! These tips will serve you well!!

improving website traffic

Improving Website Traffic by Blogging More Often

This might sound like a no-brainer, but I wanted to take a minute and explain just why this is a good idea. You’re probably thinking more pages = more results and that is true, but not the only reason you should be Blogging more often. Google love fresh content. The more often your website is pinged the more often GoogleBot will crawl your site and index new content. This is important for helping to keep rankings in the SERPS.

Are you posting more often than your competition? If you’re “Fresher” than they are then the chances you will show up higher in the list will quickly become a reality. If you’ve already implemented “Author Rank” code in your designs you will be even more prominent when people go searching for your content. See a snapshot of my listings below to see why you should be doing this now.

Improving Website Traffic by Guest Blog More Often

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I can’t express how important guest blogging is. Not only is it a great way to get quality backlinks to your site, but it helps develop a stronger community with your partners and help increase your Authority rank.

Publishers love new original content. ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON’T HAVE TO CREATE IT! Offering to guest blog is exactly the same thing as saying I will work for you for free. Well almost. You get paid in back links which are as valuable if not more.

When you’re guest blogging it’s a good idea to decide where you would like to link to before you write your first post. Getting a link back to your homepage or blog is fantastic, but if you’re writing about something that makes more sense about a post you wrote rather than your overall website you will get the most bang for your buck here.

When Googlebot shows up on your content and finds the exact same keywords your writing about it will look more favorably on your blog as you’re giving it exactly what it wants. Google loves relevancy so make sure whatever you link to is germane to the article pointing to it.

2 Bonus Blogging Tips

  1. Pay attention to the page rank of the site you’re posting on. Links coming from higher ranked web sites helps in turn raise your own page rank.
  2. Keep a list of which sites allow back linking and make sure to see whether the links are “no follow” or not. No follow links are fine, but they should be handled differently. I’ll explain this later.

Here are a couple samples of Guest Blog posts I have floating on the interwebs.

  • Twitter Tips for Trendy Tweeting
  • 3 SEO Tips For Bloggers You Haven’t Seen 100 Times Before

Improving Website Traffic by Seeking More Quality Back Links

This sort of goes along hand in hand with the last comment I just made about Page Rank. First off a quality back link would possess at least one of the following 4 qualities.

  1. Links from authority sites – These are sites in your niche that are popular in the SERPS. Then money links in SEO come from the contenders in your genre. The more renowned they are the higher the link quality.
  2. Links from High PR sites – Sites with higher page rank than your own will help you to increase your own page rank which is important when Google is evaluating how much authority your site carries.
  3. Do follow links – A lot of SEO guys allow links to your site, but they may add the “no follow” attribute. This mean once the bot hits that link not to go any further. If a bot is driven to your site it will index it and you want to be indexed.
  4. Links from communities in your niche – Links from communities are a great way of improving website traffic from a relevant online source. In this case, even if the links are “no follow” you’re playing off of the community that would be interested in what you’re publishing. This is also why links in signatures in forums are so important.

Have you ever wondered why your website wasn’t showing up as well as competitors? Chances are they have more backlinks than you do. They have more links from leaders in your niche. More links from relevant websites. Which makes them more relevant than you. Getting links to your site are as important as writing for your website alone. Once you’ve written your message you need to lead viewers to what you have to say. This is how you do it.

improving website traffic

Improving Website Traffic by Working On my Writing Style

This seems a little vague so I’ll elaborate. When I speak of style I mean coding/ writing style. It’s important to know what the search engines are looking for in order to compete with what’s currently out there. Writing SEO friendly code will give you an advantage over the competition by simply giving the search engines what they are looking for. Are you noticing a pattern yet?

Search for New Affiliates in My Niche

This is something that I’ve been working on for the past few months. I’ve been building an extensive library of affiliates that closer target what I’m writing about. This is good for 2 reasons.

  1. Once someone ends up on your content they are more likely to click on links on your site if they are related to why the viewer wound up there in the first place.
  2. More affiliates = more options = more diversity = more $$$

That’s all for a now internet. I’d truly be interested in hearing what you have to say about these tips. Let me know if you’re doing these already. Let me know how well they work. Leave a comment here or on Facebook and we can chat further. Happy Blogging in 2014.



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