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Tips for finding a new job using social media. Social media can help you not only find jobs, but it can make you stand out. Find out how.

For many of us in today’s proverbial “Rat Race”, steady employment means steady for the moment. Gone are the days of working for a company for 40 years and retiring to a gold watch and goodbye party complete with booze and all the trimmings. In today’s job climate; or to put a finer point on it today’s technical job climate, longevity has a different meaning. All you need to do is view one of your friends job histories for the past 3 years on LinkedIn to get a solid view of what it means to stay employed these days.

But I digress….

How Social Media Can Help you in Your Job Search

This is not an article about woe. This article is about how social media can help you in your job search. New opportunities are there for those ready to take them. New opportunities including better pay, better work conditions and of course experience. With all the social networks and job hunting sites that exist nowadays searching for a new gig have never been easier…if you know what to do. In this article I’ll outline tips for job searching with social media.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Search

Job hunting using social mediaIf you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile you should sign up for an account immediately. LinkedIn is heavily used by people looking for techno savvy people just like you. The following 6 easy steps will not only help optimize your LinkedIn profile, but also make it stand out and be easier to locate given your job preference.

  1. Create a complete LinkedIn profile: If you don’t have one already get signed up and fill out a summary and your job history. This is your digital resume so the more complete it is the better it will work for you.
  2. Display a good picture of yourself: Include a good picture of yourself in your profile. It helps to create a more personal feel and will help put a face to your name when you actually meet someone for the first time.
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile for search: When you write your profile like you are targeting a keyword. What I mean by this is if you’re searching for a say a web design job it’s a good idea to use the phrase “web design” in the body of your summary.
  4. Include your job preference in titles: Make sure to include your job preference title in your positions and headlines when you’re initially setting it up.
  5. Include programs and experience: Be sure to add the tools you used in the position descriptions when you are filling out your job history. Often ties employers are looking for people with experience with specific programs. Adding these helps you get found.
  6. Include Education and Training: Again this is a big thing employer search for on LinkedIn. Make sure to include any certificates or license’s you may have.

Check out my LinkedIn profile to see how I’m currently using these tips.

How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

I need to preface this with the fact that I’m not currently employing all these tactics on my own Twitter account currently. I’m working on a branding my Twitter page so I haven’t updated the current layout. That being said, I have done a lot of these in the past when I was serious about finding work.

How to Create a Professional Twitter Presence

  1. Have a good photo: If you’re using Twitter to aid in your job search you should have a decent photo. Something professional and clean. Take down the image of you doing an ice luge in college.
  2. Link to your resume: Link to your online resume in the website link. If you’ve already created a LinkedIn profile I would link to this. It’s easy to search and creates a downloadable version of your resume as you add information to it.
  3. Include hashtags in tweets: Hashtagging a tweet will help you locate other like tweets of people searching for someone with your skills. Consequently, it will also make you easier to be found by other Twitter users you might not have otherwise been acquainted with.
  4. Follow people that work in your industry: Following people in your industry is a good way to keep your ear to the ground for new positions as they become available. These influential tweeters can then be added to a list so they are easy to follow when you are hunting for a job.
  5. Create a list of people that have gotten you work in the past: Follow the directions below to easily create a list on Twitter.

How to Create a List on Twitter

By creating a list you can add who ever you want to it making it easier to follow prospective job leads. Follow these 3 easy steps to create your first list now.

  1. Click on the settings gear at the top of the page.
  2. Select Lists > Create a new list.
  3. Add a list name and description.

Once you’ve created your list you can add people to it making it easy to pull up 1 page of people that might have job opportunities for you.

How to Use Online Job Placement Web Sites

I’ve been on so many of these sites in the past that I feel like I have a tip or 2 that can help you create and maintain an effective online resume. There are a lot of job placement sites out there. I use Monster as sort of a catch-all. If you have a different resource by all means use it. I have several I am signed up on. These are tips and best practices for using online placement agencies.

  1. Create a complete profile: If this is your online resume it should be as complete as possible. Adding more information about yourself could be all that is needed to get you clicked on over somebody else.
  2. Add a complete job history: Make sure to add skills, awards and any training you may have.
  3. Keep a list: Make sure to keep a list of the job placement websites you sign up for. Include any login info you will need to update these profiles in the future. Chances are once you find a job you’ll want to update information such as removing your phone number and updating your availability.
Driving the Streets After Snowmageddon 2014

I thought I’d put a bow on this article with a couple videos I recently shot while driving during the recent what meteorologists are calling Snowmageddon 2014. The most snow we’ve seen in the midwest in decades. Hope you enjoy and happy job hunting Internet.

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