Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jonestown in a Nutshell – a Story of Human Tragedy by Dana Gould

Jonestown in a Nutshell

Jonestown in a Nutshell as narrated by comedian, writer, director & podcaster Dan Gould. This is a video I made back in 2015. It tells a behind the scenes story of the Jonestown Massacre.

Jonestown in a Nutshell if you Don’t Know

Jonestown or what is commonly referred to as “The Jonestown Massacre“, was a cult born in San Francisco by megalomaniac evangelist Jim Jones. Jones started the People’s Temple in the Golden City in the mid 50’s. He convinced his congregation to leave all of their earthly possessions and move to French Guiana in South Africa.

Once colonized Jones forced his followers to build a compound/ new home for his people to start their own sovereign nation so to speak. People were forced to work tirelessly for half of the day and spend the rest of the majority of the day learning and praising their new…”god“.

Jonestown in a Nutshell

Jonestown in a Nutshell the Final Straw

In 1978 Congressman Leo Ryan made an unfortunate trip to the outwardly troubled-looking Jonestown site and insighted the event that coined the phrase “drink the Koolaid”.

That was the day that Jim Jones convinced/ forced over 900 people to commit revolutionary suicide.