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Learn how to add multiple users to Multiple users allows for more than one developer to create eCommerce sites at one time.

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authorizenetI didn’t have any luck finding how to add multiple users to online anywhere so I decided to post it here on my website for future reference. The process below comes from a transcript of a conversation I had with one Emily F. @

Multiple user accounts allows more than one user to access a businesses payment gateway with unique login credentials. This can come in handy if you’re on a web development team where more than one person needs access to this information. Rather than hindering development process, you can grant access to other programmers.

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  • Log into your Merchant Interface at Authorize.Net
  • Click the account tab.
  • Click user administration on the left side menu.
  • Click + add user on the user administration page tool bar.
  • Select the type of user you would like to add from the user role drop down list. The default user permissions associated with the selected user role are automatically listed and enabled.
  • To further customize the new user account, click to deselect the boxes next to the user permissions that should not be enabled for the user.


Note: By default, account owners have all permissions enabled for their user account. These permissions may not be customized. If you are a card present merchant, only account owners, account administrators, and transaction managers will be allowed to log into Virtual Point of Sale (VPoS). To log in successfully, these users MUST have the appropriate permissions to create charge and refund transactions.

  • Provide the answer to the secret question at the bottom of the screen and click Next > to continue.
  • Create a login ID for the new user. The login ID must be at least six (6) characters long and contain a combination of letters and numbers.

Note: Account contacts cannot access the merchant interface and therefore do not require a login ID.

  • Enter the user’s first name, last name, title, phone number, extension, and email address(es).
  • Select the check boxes to choose the types of emails you would like the user to receive. Email types left deselected will not be sent to the user.
  • Click Submit to continue. You may also click < Back to return to the previous page. After submitting, a message will appear to notify you that the user has been successfully created. The message also displays the new user’s login ID and temporary password.


IMPORTANT: The temporary password is not automatically sent to the new user. You are responsible for advising the new user of the “temporary password” in a secure manner. Upon first login, the new user will be required to change his or her temporary password.

The new user may access and change his or her user information, email notification settings, password, and secret question and answer at any time on his or her user profile page.

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