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Nate BalcomMy name is Nate Balcom and this is a page about me. I’ve been building websites for over 17 years. In fact, I registered this domain in 2000. Back in the day, it was a resume mostly for my Flash design work. When what was then Macromedia’s Flash was the industry standard for interactive web design it was common to have 2 different versions of your website.

An HTML version as well as an animated Flash website version. It’s been reincarnated every year or so into another version of my digital resume until 2003 when I adopted the WordPress platform. It’s been several variations of a blog ever since.

Blogging is my passion. I write about pro blogging tips, web design, SEO tutorials and technological news as well as a twist of the socially macabre. For my day job I make stuff for all manner of mobile devices & other such random geekery and gadgetry for the auto industry.

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