Monday, November 18, 2013

Free Web Tools

free web tools

free web tools

Web development tools for building better web sites

Use the following free web tools to make your sites perform and run better. In turn you will see better traffic, return visitors and if you’re paying attention you’ll see returns on your effort$$$. It’s my express wish that the tips I’ve picked up on over the years will help to make money while you sleep.

Twitter Card Calidator

Use this service to test whether your Twitter card is reflecting the correct information. Is the correct image displaying? Check here.

Page Rank Checker

Page rank is an idea/ algorithm developed by Google to assign more importance to websites that are authorities in their respective fields. Though page rank does not carry the weight it once did it is still a good tool for linking opportunities. Higher ranked pages still pull more clout and still have more relevance with search bots.

Free SEO Audit Tool

Performing an SEO audit is the first thing you should do before writing a post or article. This tool will help you write better-targeted posts and drive better-targeted traffic to your website.

What’s My IP Address

If you should ever need to know an IP address this free tool will be a good one to have in your back pocket.

12 free web development tools

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re without the tools you need for building a website you can find some of the bare bones essentials right here. Be it tools for code, tools for FTP, debugging tools, web environments or version control.

Tips for Improving Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools

Google gave us Webmaster Tools so we could make websites that performed up to Google’s standards. These tools point out issues that your users run into while spending time on your site. Make a better site and you’ll turn visitors into return visitors. These are the free tools you need to succeed.

A beginners guide to Google Analytics

This is another tool Google has provided us with to test the efficiency of our code and SEO efforts. Follow the tips in this post to succeed with Googlebot.

Plugins to eliminate comment spam for WordPress

Tools for eliminating WordPress spam.

5 Must-Have Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers

Web development tools for Firefox users.

Google Development and Marketing Tools

Google has provided us all with a suite of tools for making websites that meet up to their standards. Make Google happy and your digital efforts will not have been made in vain. These tools will make Google happy. If Google’s happy so will your sites.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Checker
Google Webmaster Tools
Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool
Google Keyword Suggestion Tool
Top 10 Blog Posts on for today

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