This playlist is comprised of a list of videos that tickled my fancy. Funny, cool or otherwise interesting. These videos are well worth the viewing.

Videos by Me

These videos were made by yours truly. I consider video editing a hobby. A lot of time video editing & multi media are in my job description. I enjoy to create and edit videos when I have the time.

Things I Find Funny

The title says it all. Check out videos I find funny.

Zombie Movies

I’m a major Zombie Enthusiast. In fact, that statement is a bit of an understatement. I love even bad zombie movies. I’ve been watching these ghouls since I was a child. I found the following list of zombie movies some in their entirety. If you crave the dead like I do this is a must watch list.

Punk Rock

I love me some punk rock. In turn here are some of my favorite punk rock videos to jam to. If you don’t like them pound sand and sod off. To the rest of you play that shit…loddi doddi.