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Come on a quick tour of the premiere blogging platform Wordpress 4.6 Pepper. What's new from your favorite blogging software Wordpress.

What’s New with WordPress 4.6 Pepper?

I just upgraded to the new WordPress 4.6. In traditional WordPress fashion the new platform was nicknamed “Pepper” after jazz great “Pepper Adams”. It appears they’ve done a lot to once again improve on the WYSIWYG editor. New features include..

  • Inline broken link detection
  • Local saving of pages in browser
  • Connection interruption protection

Gets you where you need to go faster

They say that Pepper gets you where you need to go faster. It appears that they weren’t joking. Cruising through the dashboard for the first time now and you quickly notice pages performing faster.

I’m going to revisit this post once I’ve had a chance to play with the new platform a little bit. Until then here’s a cool little 1 1/2 minute tour of the new WordPress 4.6 Pepper.



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