Spam Comments and the Creeps Who Post Them

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This is a post for the scumbags who post spam comments on my website. If you have a spam issue on your site or blog chime in.

After my last post about WordPress author comments I realized that the Heateor Social Comments for WordPress stopped displaying my default WordPress comments. I fixed this by uninstalling the offending plugin. As soon as I did the spammers of the world immediately began posting spam comments on my blog. Well maybe not them exactly, but the bots they programmed to push their propaganda.

Back in the day, it was a bunch of spammers trying to push Viagra, pain killers and porn. I find that my site is targeted by creeps trying to get backlinks to totally irrelevant websites. Mostly clothing, shoes and electronics. I’d like to take a minute and explain why your comments will never see the light of day on this blog.

Your Spam Comments Wil Not be posted on

Let me refer you to my comment page scumbags. When you; or rather your pre-programmed bots, post an irrelevant, no-value adding spam comment you’re put into my comment dashboard. In this dashboard is a link back to your spam or irrelevant website, the keyword you’re targeting, your crap comment and most importantly your IP address.

Once I review your irrelevant post that does not provide any value what so ever your IP address is added to a list. I then take this list of offending IP addresses and systematically ban all sites that leave backlinks to a post that is in no way relevant to this site.

Why do people post spam links?

When comments like this are posted it’s because someone is trying to rank higher for a specific keyword. The way that works is search engines place an importance on sites that have a lot of backlinks. They link the keyword they’re trying to rank for and link it back to their page. In practice this is what good SEO specialists do. The difference is their content is in no way relevant.

What they’re getting wrong is that these links are for sites that are in no way related to the niche I write about. If they had value and linked back to a website that was in the same niche I would gladly approve them. This tells the search engines that this is a good link and that there is value at the end of the of the href. It’s an approved SEO tactic. The problem is spammers are always looking for a way to game the system.

If you want to post comments here please do. It’s encouraged to leave comments. Leave a comment now. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! Just know that I’m paying attention. If you post comments that have value and are not throw-away comments I will happily post them.

Anatomy of a Spam Comment

anatomy of a spam comment
Let me give you an example or two of spam comments. They’re super easy to spot. These comments immediately get shit canned.

  • Informative Article. Exactly what I needed.
  • Great post. I will use this all the time.
  • Very descriptive post. Will there be a part 2?

Let’s dissect the the comment above. Notice in the place of a comment name is a keyword. This targeted is what the spammer is trying to rank for. A big red flag is the fact that the referring site has to do with real estate. Why would a real estate agent be posting on a site for blogging and code? Answer: they wouldn’t. Notice the logged spammer IP address. Feel free to ban this IP address right now.

A final word about spam comments

I HATE spammers. HATE THEM! They try to use blackhat tactics to either make money on affiliate programs or they’re trying to get you to download some nefarious malware or key logger. I HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS CRAP!

I’ll continue to get these comments as people are always looking for ways to scam the system. That and they program these bots to look for open comments and leave irrelevant comments that would work on any website and can be over looked by webmasters looking for kudos.

A couple links for people looking to eliminate spam comments

If you have a WordPress blog and are getting a lot of spam comments check out this post I wrote in 2013.


Email harvesting bots, otherwise known as data miners, follow links, grabbing email addresses out of each page it visits. When one of these bots comes to your site, all sites you’ve linked get crawled for email addresses.

This site renders these harvester’s lists useless by filling them with invalid e-mail addresses. Once a spammer hits this site, they enter an infinite loop of randomly created email addresses (starting with the ones it generates when it first comes to the site)

Office of Strategic Influence

This link kills spam




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