Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

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Ok haters begin hating. Just know that I have a warthoags hide. Your slings and arrows don't hurt me, but fuel the fire. Bring it bitches.

So I started my blog in the year 2000. It was just before the twin towers fell. In fact, I was supposed to come home to the East coast the same day, but I was throttled awake by a good friend when the towers first began to fall. Subsequently, I was also throttled by the National guard while trying to leave, but I digress.

About a year before 9/11. In it’s earlier incarnations it was a resume for my Flash work while I was living in Hollywood. After that it was many other versions of my resume before it became a blog in 2003. In 2003 I was getting deep into blogging and how to do it better.

This site was once a playground of nonsense. It was the meanderings of a mid-20 year old techno savvy hipster. A place for experimenting with code and honing my craft. I learned about java-script and html and xhtml and php and asp and css and databases and OOCSS and on and on and on. I learned a lot about programming. It sustained me through my 20’s.

It was a record of my past, but now it will be a record of things to come. Fuck that sounds pretty Orwellian. In my 30’s I realized my true calling…My kids..

Since then I’ve found pockets to update from time to time how to make a successful blog. From here on out this will be a place for me to spout off what ever I feel like. It took 20 years to get here, but will truly be a blog about my interests.

I’m done. This blog is about my timeline. Be it inconsequential or not. Love it or lump it. Get your own blog people can ignore. Or not. This is my story. It’s about the many times I’ve recreated myself. This is me rising out of the ashes.



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