The Pixies @ the Fillmore Detroit Feb. 8 2014

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My review of the Pixies performance at the Fillmore in Detroit Feb. 8 2014

The PixiesSo my all time favorite band…the one band who’s album I could bring with me to listen to on a deserted island. The one band who’s album I would want to listen to until the seagulls pecked my white sun bleached eye sockets straight out of my white sun bleached ear sockets. The band they could threaten to use against me at Guantanamo Bay by replaying incessantly would only to hear me sing along every the one…the only…


Even without Kim Deal; which was a huge letdown, this show rocked. Here are a few clips and pics from the night of.

Shooting Update

After the show when went to my truck the window was busted out. I thought someone through a rock through it, but nothing was missing. Come to find out we drove through an area where someone was driving around shooting out windows with a pellet gun. There were at least 10 people that reported being shot. 6 accidents occured and one person had their front window shot out. Read more and link to the video below.



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