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Are you a serious techno-phile that has that adopted pro blogging as a means of exorcising geek demons? Are you a pro blogger that gets a kick out of driving traffic to your code optimized SEO friendly pages and posts? Are you an SEO Expert that gets off by watching spikes in traffic through analytics after you release a keyword researched trending blog post? Do you constantly email yourself article ideas no matter where you find yourself? Even in the shower?

If this sounds like you pull up a warm browser and sit down for a spell. The following pro blogging resources will not only help exorcise your inner geek, but will help your blog gain some much needed traction in the SERPS as well as help grow a like minded following among the other tech savvy hipsters lurking in the digital basements across the Interweb.

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Pro Blogging Reasons Why you Should use WordPress for your Blog

If you’re serious about pro blogging you need to start with a solid foundation. While I’ve tried many blog posting platforms in the past I would be remiss not to mention my personal favorite blogging CMS WordPress. It’s so much more than just the blogging platform that it was born as. It more resembles Joomla, Drupal, Magento and PHP BB the way it now handles content and e-commerce than it’s passed iterations. Features aside where WordPress really excels is as a pro blogging conduit.

  1. The WordPress community is huge. WP has been around since 2003. In this time, they have built a giant following of programmers, SEO experts, and content creators. Chances are if you have a “how to” question there’s someone out there that has already asked in that can help.
  2. There are plugins for almost anything. Because of the huge community, countless hours of programming time has gone into building highly effective WordPress plugins that serve a wide variety of scenarios. At the time I am writing this post there are currently 41,250 WordPress plugins available in the plug-in directory.
  3. You don’t have to know how to write code. Not that it doesn’t help to know some HTML, but WordPress allows for writers with no coding background to be able to publish content alongside the seasoned professionals. If you have a voice that needs to be heard you’re in luck.
  4. WordPress has free blog hosting. Once again if you’re not a techno-savvy hipster, but have a need for your words to be heard you can get a free blog hosted on This means no cost, no administration, no dealing with a registrar. You can literally have a blog up and running in 5 minutes or less.
  5. WordPress has thousands of free themes. Once again yet again WordPress has a library of literally thousands of free blog templates catering to a host of different types of bloggers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for at the WP site there are countless code houses and developers that offer WordPress templates at very nominal fees.

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5 reasons why you should use Google Analytics for blog tracking

  1. Google Analytics is free. If you’re running a blog the best way to see how effective your efforts are is by tracking them. Paying attention to what pages convert is the only way to get ahead in the blog game. It’s how you track your incoming traffic and find keywords in your niche.
  2. Google Analytics is easy to set up. All you need is a strip of code that you can paste into your website or blog to track a number of different analytics that can help make your blog an authority site.
  3. Google Analytics will show you when your posts are picked up by the masses. When you figure out your niche you will get a better understanding of what your viewers are interested in. Once you know that cater to them.
  4. Google Analytics tracks historical data. The sooner you set up Google Analytics the sooner you will be able to gain historical data about your site. The more you know about your visitors the better you can write for them and possibly more importantly how to market ads to them.
  5. Google Analytics offers live tracking. If you want to know what’s happening on your website in real-time GA can tell you. Make a post and immediately track if people are drawn to it.

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5 reasons why you should use Google Webmaster Tools for tracking blog errors

If your site is filled with errors and broken pages it can reflect how your site is seen by the major search engines. Fewer issues with your site help establish you as an authority in your niche. Being able to track issues with your website can make all the difference in the SERPs and can make a difference of whether someone clicks your link over competitors.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools is free. It will help pinpoint errors being thrown by your site. Errors make your site look bad in Google’s graces. Fixing issues with your website help establish you as a niche in your field and can make you stand apart from your competition.
  2. Google Webmaster tools is will show you what links are broken on your site. Broken links can hurt how Google sees your website. Finding broken links isn’t a no brainer and are easily overlooked. GWT will point out errors you didn’t know existed.
  3. Google Webmaster tools will give you suggestions on how to speed up your website. If you have a slow website you may be turning away a ton of traffic without even knowing. High download times means higher bounce rate. Higher bounce rates might mean the difference between your site and your competition’s getting more return traffic.
  4. Google Webmaster tools is a metric that many of the major registrars look for to determine if your site is a niche site or one that is possibly a spam website. Webmasters paying attention to errors and problems with how their site is received are more likely to be concerned with issues dragging their site down. The fact that Google Webmaster Tools is associated with your site or blog says something about your digital property to Googlebot. Make Googlebot happy and make the search engine happy.
  5. Google Webmaster tools will point out issues you’re experiencing with mobile devices. So many of us use phones and tablets to access the Internet these days. GWT will help point out mobile errors you didn’t even know existed.


Pay Attention to your niche and you will succeed Pro Blogging

Pro bloggers pay attention to the details. Knowing your niche as well as your keyword set will pay off in spades. You’ll be able to key in ads that will help make residual cash while you sleep. Knowing your visitors is a game changer. Write for your niche and you write for your right to party.

I love blogging. One of the most rewarding things about it is making money doing something you love.



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