Generate Random Blog Posts to Promote Deep Web Links

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Learn to promote deep web links on your website & give your older popular posts a boost in the SERPs. A tip for serious web marketers.

Deep Web Linkspromote evergreen contentDo you have evergreen posts on your website or blog that need more bot attention? Evergreen posts are posts about any subject that isn’t time sensitive. These types of posts are as relevant today as the day they were written. Even if your post was written years ago. These types of posts are referred as “Deep Web Links“.

Deep web links can carry a lot of weight as older posts carry more clout as they have stayed relevant over time. However, you may notice that some of your older posts; even though still relevant have dropped off in the search results. Possibly because a new keyword began trending or vocabulary changed over time or any number of unforeseen factors.

If you have some deep web links that performed well at one time it would be wise to continue to market them or at least keep them getting indexed by the bots. In this post, I will outline 2 simple blog tips to get your deeper blog posts crawled even after time has passed.

Display Random Posts in WordPress to Promote Deep Web Links

A good way to keep the bots indexing deeper pages is to create part of your site that generates random blog posts. This tutorial outlines 2 ways to create links to random WordPress blog posts insuring that not only more of your site gets indexed, but more relevant to this post your deep web links will as well.

Why you Should Promote Deep Web Links

On my own site I’ve placed 2 areas where random WordPress blog posts are generated. I included a link in my blog menu that does this as well as a series of links on my home page that rotate when the page is loaded. The link in the blog menu generates random links on every page on my site. This keeps the bots indexing more content.

Links on your homepage get more attention because usually your home page is your most popular. The bots are sure to hit this on a regular basis. For this reason it’s a good idea to place links to anything you want to promote on your website here.

How to Promote Deep Web Links on your Home Page

It’s a smart idea to promote posts on your home page, but what if your homepage lives outside of the WordPress platform? By adding a couple pieces of code to your home page you’ll be able to pull data from your WordPress database. This can be used for comments, author bios, top blog posts and yes random blog posts.

Step 1: Call your WordPress header file on your static page. This is where the WordPress magic happens. Add the following code in between the header tags in your html page.

This needs to be sourced to where your “wp-blog-header.php” files lives. So if your site is under a directory called blog or news or journal or what ever that needs to be added so the correct file can be pulled.

Step 2: Now that you’re calling your blog header file you can take advantage of your WordPress data. The following code generates 3 random blog posts. I have mine set in a list element as it suits my cause, but you can set this up any way you see fit.

This code can display any number of posts you like. Just update “numberposts=3” to how ever many posts you want to show.

How to Promote Deep Web Links on your WordPress Blog

This tip generates a random blog post any time a link is clicked. On my site I added a section much like Google’s “Feeling Lucky” option to my navigation. I call it “Tip Roulette”. From start to finish this part takes about 2 minutes.

Step 1: Open your “functions.php” file. If you don’t know this is stored in your wp-includes folder of your WordPress installation. Copy and paste the code below.

Step 2: After you’ve added the code above there’s one more step. Add the following code to the link you want to call the random blog post. Use the code below to do this.

The Effect of Deep Web Link Promotion

Now that you’re set set up to redirect users to a random post in WordPress it’s now time to pay attention to your analytics program. Don’t be surprised to see older posts start showing up in your results. Once you see these posts showing up in analytics it would be a good idea to check the SERPS to see where you rank.

You may want to alter your post in order to be competitive. Pay attention to what your competitors are posting. These tips will serve you well if you are a web marketer.



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