Root Nexus 7 Tablet in 6 Easy Steps

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Step by step directions for unlocking and rooting your Nexus 7 tablet. See how to root Nexus 7 is 6 easy steps. Nexus 7 rooting made simple.

If you’ve never rooted your a tablet it can sound pretty daunting. Mainly because you can end up bricking your device and or void your warranty. The instructions that follow are easy to follow and will first backup your device so that it can be restored to it’s current glory. You don’t need to be afraid to root Nexus 7 tablets.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to root your tablet. You can add extra functionality that’s not available straight from the manufacturer. You may want more access for modding your tablet to make it appear just as you would like it to. You can also install plugins that require root access to operate. The reason I rooted my Nexus 7 was so I could install the full!screen apk.

Whatever your reasons for rooting are the process is fairly simple. I was leery about doing this myself for a bit, but the entire process was painless and simple. The following list is how to root Nexus 7 in 6 easy steps.

root Nexus 7

Enable USB Debugging on your Nexus 7

To do this you’ll need to have Developer Options enabled. This is located in settings. If you don’t see an option for this it means your tablet doesn’t have developer options available. To enable developer options to go to Settings > About Device and tap the Build number repeatedly until it notifies you that you have enabled Developer Options.

Nexus 7 Rooting Bonus Tip:
If you’re not sure what version of the Android OS you’re running you can find it under the “About tablet” tab. You’ll also find your model number, kernel version, and build number. This information will come in handy when rooting your device.

root Nexus 7

Install WUG Fresh Nexus Toolkit

In the past rooting a device was much scarier, but the good folks at WugFresh have created a toolkit that makes the whole process brilliantly simple. For starters you need to download and install the Nexus Toolkit. This program makes backing up, rooting and restoring your tablet a breeze.

root Nexus 7

Back up your Nexus Tablet

Built into the Nexus Root Toolkit is a backup and restore option. If you’re interested in backing up your programs and configuration your going to want to create a backup of your tablet. In fact just MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR TABLET BEFORE ROOT NEXUS 7. If things go horribly wrong you can at the very least restore the device to it’s prior configuration.

Configure the Nexus Root Toolkit

Once you fire up the toolkit you’ll have to provide some basic information such as what device you have, what version of Android you’re running. See Nexus 7 rooting Bonus Tip above or you can select auto detect device.

root Nexus 7Next you’ll need to install devices drivers. The toolkit comes with an easy walk through guide for installing all necessary drivers. It will suggest drivers for your tablet. Once you have the drivers installed it will prompt you to reboot and finish the last few steps.

After you complete the driver installation you will be able to unlock your device. Next step is to root your tablet.

Root Nexus 7

You’re now at the root stage of the process. Make sure to check the “Custom Recovery” option. After you provide the toolkit with your recovery information you can proceed rooting your device.

Your device will display some screens that look like the screen shots below. Once this is done your tablet will restart unlocked and rooted.

Root Nexus 7 bonus tip:

To confirm your tablet is actually rooted you’ll want to install Root Checker. It may not seem clear to you if your device is rooted. Installing the Root Checker app will let you know if if you have root access to your tablet.



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