How to take Screen Shots without Photoshop

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Easy ways to take screen shots and edit them in a pinch. No Photoshop? No problem. Follow these tips if you don't have a photo editor.

PhotoshopIf you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to get a screenshot, but don’t have a version of Photoshop installed on your machine never fear. In this real quick tip, I’ll outline ways users looking for screen shots can not only acquire them but edit them if need be without having Photoshop installed.

These tips are for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to perform this regular task without the use of your favorite photo editor. If you’re a Windows 7 user you’ll have some of the software already installed on your machine. If you’re using any other OS you’ll be able to use one of the other tips outlined below. They’re all free, all easy and take next to no time to get up and running.

3 Ways to acquire screen shots without Photoshop

1. PrtScn – By clicking the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard you will save a copy of your view-able screen to a temporary file. If you have Microsoft Paint installed you can then paste your screenshot into a new file. “Ctrl + P” will paste your screenshot into the editor. From here you can crop, annotate, add color to photos etc.

How to acquire screenshots without an Imaging program

2. Windows 7 Snipping Tool – If you have Windows 7 installed you can use the new Snipping Tool. The snipping tool will let you take screenshots, but it pretty limited when it comes to photo editing features.

How to acquire screen shots without an Imaging program or Windows 7

3. Firefox FireShot Plugin – Firefox has a handy little add on called FireShot. It will not only do a screen grab, but it will let you make minor edits to screenshot images.

How to Edit Images without Photoshop, Paint or Gimp

Pixlr Image Editing
If you should find that you don’t like any of these options or just want to do some basic photo editing check out They have a free online Flash-based editor that behaves a lot like Photoshop including layers, Filters, embedded fonts, color management and more.

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