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Resolve to have better website traffic & make it so with this SEO Advice. These time tested tips WILL help you gain traffic to your website.

Another year has gone by and it’s time once again to make some resolutions for changes for my blog for 2016. Included in this years SEO advice are; amongst other things, content writing advice, tutorials to increase website traffic, search engine optimization tips and more free SEO advice.

This year I’d like to increase the number of incoming high ranking back links from authority websites.

I want to get a better hold on my affiliate marketing programs and begin to generate more money while I sleep. I’d like to step up my SEO game and work on my writing technique.

Without further adieu blog resolutions for 2016.

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SEO advice for 2016 a quest for more. Please respond with questions if you have them, I do respond.


SEO Advice Tip #1 Keyword SEO Strategy

My first bit of content writing advice for the new year is do your keyword research. Make a list of key phrases you would like to go after and put them into a spreadsheet. Compare the list you create against competitors in your field or niche. Chances are they’re targeting a keyphrase you may not have considered. You also want to keep an eye on other blogs in your niche so that you’re not going after phrases that are very competitive and hard to rank for. It’s important to pick your keywords well. If a competitor ranks higher than you for a broad match keyword it might be something you don’t optimize for.


SEO Advice Tip #2 Keep Current with Trending Keywords

Spend some time on Google Trends. Search out your niche on this site to get an idea of what’s currently trending and try to work it into your posts for better targeted web site traffic.

Once you have your list of trending keywords you may notice that some keywords are being hit quite a bit or are possibly already keywords your trying to rank for. Head to Google Alerts and enter some keywords or phrases you’d like to follow. You’ll receive the email in your inbox every day with versions of your key phrase. This will help you plan articles for future posts.

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SEO Advice Tip #3 Maintain a Daily SEO Blog

Maintaining a daily blog about terms in your niche ensures that search bots will continue to index your site on a regular basis. When you release a new blog post pinging services are alerted. When this happens bots are set into action to crawl and index your new site content. Not only that, but these bots will also follow any links on your site in search of new content. By posting daily you will let the bots know you are a content producer and that your site should be indexed often. This affects the SERP pages and can give you an edge above your competitors especially if you are trying to dominate a search phrase.

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips

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SEO Advice Tip #4 Spend Time Acquiring Backlinks

It’s important to get quality backlinks in order for your website to rank well. Links from authority websites will help define your site to the search engines as to what your website is about. It’s important to spend as much time getting quality backlinks as it is to create new engaging content.

What’s an authority website?
An authority website would be any website within your niche that has a high page rank. Sites with higher PRs pull more weight than those without. These sites are seen as “Authorities” in their respective niches. They provide valid value added content or in other words aren’t spam sites. Give this free rank checker a shot to determine the PR of a site or page.

What’s a quality backlink?
A quality back link would be a direct keyword you’re trying to rank for from a relevant page. A relevant page would contain the keyword and content about that keyword. For example, if you’re targeting the keyword Free SEO Advice a link directly from this keyword to a page containing this keyword is highly relevant.

Often times it’s not so easy getting a direct link from an authority site unless you already have a relationship with them. It’s a lot easier getting a link from a relevant page to another relevant page, by commenting on high PR authority websites or posting in forums. If you can form a relationship with an authority site this will garner you the most amount of traffic. It just takes longer.


Resolve to Create Quality Content

This is a tried and true SEO tip that will never go away. Always strive to create quality content. Search engine algorithms are smarter today than ever before. What they’re looking for is good, relevant, non-spammy quality content. If you spend time writing good content that is your own you’re ahead of the black hatters and spammers of the world. Resolve to create relevant content if you truly wish to be a better blogger. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.



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