Do People Know You Exist?

An analogy I like to make is that your web site is like a brick and mortar business. You can do the best work in the world, but if there are no road signs no one will be able to find you. Essentially your site is hidden in the obscurity of cyber space. If people can’t find you within the first 5 results in Google you might as well not be on the web.

How many times have you yourself done a quick Google search for Pizza delivery? How far do you scroll down the results page before you find what you want within seconds? Viewers are fickle. If they don’t find what they want right away, they’ll either click away or perform a new search.

My Sites Get Seen

If you have a site that is gangbusters with all the bells and whistles, but isn’t getting seen we can help. Our team of search engine optimization specialists have worked on all manner of companies from large to small. If you have a niche business that needs to see more traffic/ leads we can help lead customers your way.

We specialize in what’s called Organic Search Results. These are the 1st results you see on a search engine results page. They come just after the pay per click results on Google. These are statistically the results people prefer to click on. This is where we will put you on page 1 without having to pay for costly pay per click campaigns. I’m on Goolge. Do a quick search for “Nate Balcom” on Google or click here to see how I show up.

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