Is your Shared Hosting Plan Hurting your Website Traffic?

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Are you receiving less traffic despite your SEO & writing efforts? Find out if your shared hosting plan is why your site isn't showing up.

Is your web site not doing so well in the SERPs regardless of all your SEO efforts? Have you put in endless hours of writing, coding and back linking to no avail? Do you follow the rules and put out original content on a regular basis only to have what appears to be accidental traffic to your site? Are you on a shared hosting plan?

I have 1 question for you. Are you on a shared host? Yes? This could be your problem.

The Dangers of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is cheaper than hosting your site with a unique IP and is a very popular option because of that fact, but it may be hurting your traffic. With a shared host your splitting an IP address with a number of other websites. These websites could contain spam driven pages, illegal gambling, phishing scams, malware or pornography. All of which can get you black listed by Google.

“But my web site isn’t affiliated with any of these?”

That may be so, but your shared IP address could be hosting nefarious and or shady content that can get that IP blocked from search engines. No amount of good writing and following the rules will get you unblocked by Google if this is indeed the case and getting back into Google’s good graces is a long and arduous process.

How do I Find Other Web Sites Hosted on a Web Server?

If you’re curious to see what other websites share the same IP as you, you can perform a reverse IP trace. A reverse IP trace will show you all the domains that share the same IP address as you. From here you can determine if there are other websites that could be hurting your cause.

How do I Get Google to Un-Blacklist me?

This is easier said than done. If you’re black listed by Google the process of getting back into their good graces is something that takes time and commitment. If you have a Google representative this is a good place to start. I do a fair amount of AdSense ads and have a representative that helped my fix this same exact issue. Google does have a contact page, but getting in touch with someone who can help you with this issue can take a long time.

In extreme cases, you may even want to consider getting a new URL that has a unique IP. This is not a good option for most and I would advise against it. Especially if you have a website with any sort of history. In this instance, I would practice due diligence. Contact Google and be a squeaky wheel. In the meantime, continue to put out stellar content, work on getting high-quality backlinks and set up Google Authorship to let the bots know that you are an authority in your niche.

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Why you Should Sign Up for at Least 2 Years of Hosting

Once you’ve set up your new IP address it’s a good idea to purchase a block of hosting for no less than 2 years. One of the criteria Google looks at when evaluating the trustworthiness of a website is how long is it registered for? Spammers often register websites for short periods of time to pump out bogus links to their scam and spam campaigns.

If you’ve wound up here because your site was blacklisted, first off I’m sorry. Hopefully, these tips can help you get back on the right side of the bots. Have faith. It will happen. Write unique content, follow the rules and stay in Google’s case.

Good luck Internet.



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