Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Social Network that Helps you Outsmart Police

traffic-isnt-all-its-outsmartiIf the Duke Boys had this app back in the day they never would have had to get the General Lee up on 2 wheels. I’m speaking of course of the social media app Waze.

If you drive and have a smart phone you should be using this app right now. Not only will it save you time, but it can also save you money by finding the cheapest gas nearest to you, the best route on any given day and oh yeah it can even point out where the cops are hiding.

5 Reasons You Should be Using Waze Right Now

Waze can suggest the best route to where ever you’re going by utilizing real-time data from other Waze users in your area. The newest version of Waze even points out winter road and flood conditions for those of us who are effected by Mother Nature this time of year.

1: Easily find Local Attractions

If you should find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings Waze can suggest restaurants, bars, hotels and more. Knowing what is near you will give you more options and save you money should the need arise.

2: Compare Gas Prices


Another great money saving feature is the gas comparison panel. From here you can see how far away the cheapest gas is. If your situation isn’t a dire one you can hold out on a fill up for a station that is cheaper than something right off the highway

3: Real Time Accident Reporting

Traffic and accidents
Your driving over an overpass when you notice an endless sea of red tail lights. By using Waze you can determine just where the hold up is. If it looks like there’s no end in site to the backup Waze can offer alternative routes to keep you moving forward and more importantly help maintain your sanity.

4: Traffic Jam Updates

Waze Screen shot
If you live in a heavily populated area this feature can save you a lot of time by re-routing you to lesser traveled roads. This app has built into it a button for reporting traffic, whether your experiencing heavy traffic or are at a complete stand still. I don’t know how many times this has offered up alternative routes saving me both time and money.

5: Locate Police in Plain Sight or Hidden

Waze police screen
Radar detectors are a great investment, but if you don’t have one Waze can point out where the Fuzz is located even if they’re hiding. This is achieved by other Waze community users flagging cops looking to fill ticket writing quotas. You’ll know just how far away the police are even if you can’t see them.

Again if you have a smartphone and aren’t using Waze you should be. Save yourself time, money and sanity by installing this free app today. You’ll be glad you did.

Download Waze for Android or IOS here.