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So you're following 2001 people on Twitter and it wont let you follow anymore. Read this post to see why and what to do about it.

Did you get to 2001 followers only to have Twitter throw the error “You are unable to follow more people. Please read about our following limits“?

Here’s a real quick Twitter tip for people wondering why Twitter all of the sudden stopped letting you follow fellow tweeters. This is a post for people who found the Twitter online tech support faq less than helpful. I think what is needed more than anything is a little bit of clarity about just how to follow limits work.

Twitter Help Not Helpful

About Twitter Follow Limits

Twitter has follow limits built in as a way of warding off spammers from using their platform. They’ve done this as a way to combat people who are mass following in order to gain more followers that they could in turn spam with ads and malicious scripts. Understandable sure, but what if you’re a serial follower?

I followed 2000 People on Twitter and Can’t Follow anymore

Once I got up to 2001 people I was following Twitter stopped letting me follow more users. This is a anti spam feature built into Twitter and will change once you reach 2000 followers. It’s to combat auto followers. Once you hit 2000 followers you will be able to follow more than 2001 people. From here on out the formula is for every 10 new followers you are able to follow eleven new people and so on and so on.

My Twitter Won’t Let me Follow Anyone. How Do I Fix This?

I was getting the follow limit error message for months before I realized it wasn’t based on following 2000 people daily. I Know it’s posted online, but I’m a fairly savvy individual who is immersed in social media and it wasn’t at all obvious to me.

At any rate, I performed an agonizing reappraisal of the people I was following only to find out that I had a lot of people on my list that I had no interest in following. This was my own fault. For a while, I was following anyone who liked and or followed me as I had read it was a good way to gain more Twitter followers and it is, but they are worthless.

As of today, I am now following 437 people. I lost a few followers in the process, but I suspect I will have more meaningful Tweets and advice coming across my timeline. I think this is a good rule of thumb and a way to not be so spammy with this social network.

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