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If you're on Twitter you've no doubt seen links in your feed that start with "". I'll break down first what is and why you should be using it when you Tweet out new links.

Why should I use when I tweet?

If you’re on Twitter you’ve no doubt seen links in your feed that start with If you’ve been wondering what these are than this post is for you. I’ll break down first what is and why you should be using it when you Tweet out new links.

Why you should use to create short links

Since Twitter only allows for 140 characters per post it makes sense to use a link shortener like It allows you to include links in your tweets regardless of the size of your URL without taking up characters which may get in the way of your message. Often times you have a link you would like to share, but the message gets cut off because your URL string is too long. rectifies this situation elegantly and people have come to notice as a web standard for sharing information. That is, they’re not afraid to click on them hence, you have a better chance that whatever you are trying to share gets seen.

Track your links with archives your tweets and also has a tracking function when you’re logged into your account which is great for gauging effectiveness. By watching how you’re how your links perform you can determine just what is engaging your audience and be more effective when using Twitter. This program will also archive your old Tweets so you can either use them again or see how they perform over time. It gives you the option to bundle like Tweets and even dates when they were originally sent out if you need to get this data if you would like to see if they helped spike your traffic and whether or not you should use them again in the future.

Not only will a tell you’re where in the world your links were clicked on, but it will also show you where they are being clicked on in the social media universe. This means if you’re having more luck on LinkedIn rather than Facebook you might want to consider focusing your efforts on the better performing social network in order to increase your click through rate and traffic.

Other link shortening services

There are other link shortening services out there such as which is a Hootsuite product or from Google and these are fine ways to go as well. For the reasons I stated earlier I like to use as my one stop shop for link shortening. I don’t have the data to back it up other than my own experience, but people seem to trust links from this service.

So if you’re not using a service link this currently do yourself a favor and try out. The stats provided are fantastic and you’ll start to notice more engagement if you do. Thanks and happy Tweeting internet.



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