Highlight WordPress Author Comments with CSS, a How To

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Follow this tutorial for highlighting Wordpress author comments to make your blog comments stand out by applying just a few lines of CSS.

This is a really quick CSS tip for highlighting WordPress author comments. I’d write more on the subject, but it really is just a few lines of code and you have the effect.

Why Make my WordPress Author Comments Stand Out?

So you might be asking the question; why would I want my to highlight my WordPress author comments? Maybe you’re not, but I can think of at least 3 reasons why you might.

Highlighted WordPress Author Comments Show Visitors you Care

1. Highlighting your author comments helps identify who you are. It helps to establish authority and community. It shows your users how active you are on your blog and more to the point how much you care. Visitor loyalty is important for visitor retention. Show them you’re paying attention and you’ll have a more captivated audience.

Highlighting WordPress Author Comments Makes you Stand Out

2. On a popular post author comments can get lost in a sea of visitors asking questions. By highlighting the author you can easily find posts germane to the subject being written about making it easier to find answers. Make your site easy to use and people will use it…and tell other people.

Matt Cutts Said Highlight WordPress Author Comments

3. Matt Cutts said so. Matt Cutts himself made this post about highlighting author comments in 2008. It’s an older post, but when Cutts talks you should listen.

Who is Matt Cutts?

WordPress author commentsMatt Cutts is the head of the web spam team at Google. He has helped create the algorithms Google uses to provide good, relevant search results. He is at the forefront of updates like Penguin and Panda. 2 algorithm updates to provide users with results that aren’t spam.

In 2013 these updates rocked the SEO world and affected a ton of organic search rankings. Websites listed at #1 in the SERPs dropped off the 1st page over night. Read more about those dark days here.

In short, if you want your website to perform well you should pay attention to what Cutts has to say.

At any rate, the following code is what I am using to make my WordPress author comments appear as they do in the image below. It’s simple CSS that you can easily alter to match your website schema.

Add the following few lines of code to “(style.css)” and viola. Happy coding fellow geeks.



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