Bonus WordPress Plugins for Traffic, Better SEO & Better Viral Appeal

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If your web site needs more traffic this post will help. Discover effective Wordpress plugins that are guaranteed to get you more visitors.

WordPress pluginsToday I wanted to write an article about 5 popular WordPress plugins for blog traffic that will stimulate visitors and get more eyes on your web site. This is by no means a hard and fast list, but I assure you if you’re looking for more traffic on your WordPress web site or blog these plugins will help. The following plugins are arranged in order of what I’ve personally found more effective. The plugins towards the top of the list have garnered me more WordPress blog traffic than the rest.

WordPress Plugins for Traffic SEO by Yoast

WordPress pluginsWith out a doubt the most useful plugin I’ve found for search engine optimization is the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. This is a great tool that keeps you aware of all the pertinent information while you are posting.

About the Yoast plugin:

  • Checks the length of your description and other meta data.
  • Helps your posts by optimizing by a keyword of your choice.
  • Keyword density tool.
  • Meta data tool.
  • keyword research options.

WordPress plugins

The free version of the WordPress plugin offers a lot of SEO tools right out of the box or you can sign up for a subscription basis which will not only offer more marketing opportunities, but also get you in contact with the Yoast staff.

WordPress Plugins Add to Any

wp_plugins_04Add to any is a social media plugin that sets up social network icons for your visitors to share. There are a lot of options for how these are displayed including a floating social bar if you are into that type of thing. I started using this plugin after realizing the Shareaholic plugin was slowing down my over all site performance. This is a lighter social icon plugin with all the options most people are looking for.

WordPress Plugins SEO Content Helper

WordPress pluginsThis plugin is great if you have someone working for you that isn’t a SEO person. The SEO content helper helps bloggers write relevant content with tools that measure keyword density and provide a keyword suggestion tool.

This plugin has both a primary and secondary keyword module that will help even donkey brained writers create content that is not only value added, but will attract more visitors based on what the majority of people are searching for in the major search engines.

SEO Auto Links

linksThe jury is out on this plugin as to just effective it is, but overall I think it’s a good especially for longer tail keywords. This plugin works by automatically linking words in your blog to a page, category or otherwise important section of your website. You select the keywords you want to target and assign them a page. This can be set up to link site-wide or you can omit sections or categories you don’t want to be included.

SEO Friendly Images

friendlyThe final plugin I’ll be reviewing today is another one that’s good to have if the people writing aren’t seo professionals. SEO friendly images does exactly what it sounds like. It adds alt and title tag information programmed by you. You can set it up so that across the board the images regardless if they already have alts or titles will pull from title information of the post. This way if you’re working with someone that doesn’t know they should be adding these tags it will be handled for them.

Bonus Tip – Decrease Load Times for More Visitors

Once you attain visitors make it worth their while that they came. If you’re page loads quickly you’re more likely to retain said, viewers. Quick loading pages mean lower bounce rates. And lower bounce rates are good. Read more about deacreasing WordPress load times here.

Do you have a WordPress Plugin I missed?

Do you have a plugin or plugins you use to promote your website that I didn’t cover here? Leave a comment and let me know what you use. I’m always curious to test out new software for effectiveness.



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