Encourage Better User Engagement with WordPress Plugins

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Learn how to easily get users involved on with your blog. These Wordpress tips will increase user engagement and get posts shared.

Do you have a popular blog that gets intense website traffic on a daily basis? Do you work hard to promote and market your blog to drive new viewers while retaining your current online community? Have you worked tirelessly to find new avenues to create and promote new content to increase viewership? If you’re like me you’ve put a lot of work into growing and cultivating your niche and you’ll want to continue to maintain user engagement. This post will help.

If you have the traffic it’s time for the next step in the process of making your website a pillar in the digital community. It’s time to take that next step in becoming an authority site that people respect, visit regularly and possibly most importantly recommend to other people.

Today I’ll be reviewing WordPress plugins for user engagement and gets them commenting and participating on your website. A website that gets regular comments shows value not only to its users but to the search engine bots. The bots which in turn send data about your site and your niche to the SERPS. If you’ve nailed down your niche then it’s time to engage your viewers and cultivate good content to in turn create great website content.

Comments Evolved for WordPress

user engagementThe Comments Evolved for WordPress is a great plugin for getting more comments on your site as it integrates a list of popular social networks and commenting platforms. This is important as this plugin takes advantage of G+ Comments, Facebook, Disqus, WordPress Comments, and Trackbacks. This makes it easier for people to leave comments on your site by commenting using their favorite social network; which chances are they are already logged into.

Not having to log in to yet another interface or set up another profile makes it pretty effortless for your viewers to leave comments. With this plugin, your users can comment without having to log in to yet another profile. The easier it is for them, the better the chance is that they’ll engage with your site.

Commentluv for WordPress

user engagementCommentluv helps to engage your users by leaving a link back to there latest post every time they post a comment on your website. Backlinks are often what people leaving comments are looking for. This plugin automatically links back to their website every time they post.

This makes user engagement easier by making it easy to link back to new content. The less they have to do, the better the chance is that they will engage your site and in turn help you to engage more viewers. The more comments your site has the better the chances you have of getting more comments and sign-ups from new users.

Rating-Widget for WordPress

user engagementThe star rating widget helps to engage viewers by giving them a simple way to show they appreciate your content by giving it a star value. It’s a simple plugin that viewers don’t have to even be logged in to use. This not only helps easily draw attention to new users to your popular posts.

This data can be used to help come up with new content as well as direct new viewers to popular content on your website. The plugin has shortcode options for embedding this data where you wish either in a post or in a widget. popular posts get attention and in turn more engagement.

Captain Up Engagement Platform for WordPress

user engagementI just started using the Captain Up plugin, but can already see how it can help engage new and returning visitors to engage with your website and help create better comment rich content. Captain Up works by adding leader boards, levels, and badges in a game like a system encouraging people to interact with your site. This works by rewarding viewers for sharing, tweeting and otherwise commenting on content with badges and trophies.

Better User Engagement = User Retention

Making things easier for your viewers and rewarding them are great ways to get people interacting with your site. If you’re serious about blogging then these plugins will not only help grow your virtual presence but increase readership and ultimately help you create viral content that people share over and over again.

Happy blogging Y’all.



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