If you’re a fan of horror movies like I am you’ll be glad to know that there are some great horror movies streaming online right now that you may never have heard of. The following 7 movies span the gamut from zombie movies, random dystopia, vampire apocalypse, scifi, creature features, found footage and yes comedy. Black comedy, but comedy nonetheless.

Great Horror Movies #1 Wyrmwood Road of the Dead (2014)

Wyrmwood road of the Dead

Wyrmwood is a high speed, non-stop, literal brain shattering, zombie action thriller. This Aussie made film ratchets the zombie genre up a notch by introducing a new twist to the horror meme that I wont spoil here.

Cast, story and gore fuel this high-speed gut spilling dystopian adventure. Things happen within the first act that no one can prepare for in this new dystopian world. If you’re a fan of zombies and Sweet Zombie Jesus I hope you are; this dark comedy is for you.

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Stake Land (2010)

Stake Land

Pulling no punches Stake Land starts off with one of the more brutal opening scenes you’re likely to ever see. No one is spared in this vampire tome. No one.

In a future hobbled by economic and political collapse 2 gritty travelers make their way across monster clad war grounds to make their way to Canada. They have to fight their way through a vampire apocalypse as well as an army of new formed religious fanatics.

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The Host (2006)

The Host

This movie starts off with an absolutely fantastic river monster that ends up getting a lot of screen-time. This isn’t one of those creature features that keeps the beast hidden in the shadows. This monster is on front street from the start.

It’s really the immediate charm of this epic Korean monster flick. They make the beast the star of the film rather than obscuring it with dark lighting and obscured camera movements.

Meanwhile, while the beast is just laying the absolute violent smack down on humanity; the B-story begins. The creature kidnaps a narcoleptic shop owner’s young daughter who spends the rest of the film trying to get her back.

By the way this is what the Gwoemul looks like. Nuff said.

The Gwoemul
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Housebound (2014)


After a robbery gone wrong a young woman is placed under house arrest in the home she grew up in. Bound by electric tether she is sequestered within the confines of her childhood home. When boredom and curiosity get the best of her she realizes she’s not; nor has she ever been, alone.

I didn’t expect to be so blown away by this movie when it first started. It’s a scary, funny, morose, well-written tale from New Zealand. The Kiwis and the Aussies are killing it in the great horror movie genre. Don’t sleep on this one. It could be your next favorite movie.

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Dead Snow 2 Red VS. Dead (2014)

Dead Snow 2 Red vs Dead

If you haven’t seen the first Dead Snow don’t worry about getting caught up. There is a retelling of the original story in the first 5 minutes of the film. In my opinion, Dead Snow 2 is superior to the original in quality and comedy. Oh yeah and it’s in English not German with subtitles like #1.

The premise behind this story is a group of college students get away for a snowboarding weekend and get blasted in a secluded cabin in the woods somewhere in Germany. When one of the party goers finds a hidden box containing stolen Nazi gold he unwittingly awakens a horde of; wait for it, Nazi Zombies.

Dead Snow 2 starts off about 10 minutes after the first movie ends. We find our hero strapped to a bed after losing an arm to a horrible car accident. Terror strikes when he comes to realize that doctors have sewn the arm of the lead zombie to his body. After some hilarious gore and dismemberment ensues he gets in touch with the Zombie Squad from America.

Martin Starr

Plus this movie features Martin Starr who plays a super nerdy zombie zealot. This role must have been written with him in mind. Just in case you needed just 1 more reason to watch this gory comedy.

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The Sacrament (2013)

The Sacrament

This near exact re-imagining of the Jonestown Massacre pretty much follows the list of events that actually happened with a bit of liberty taken for effect. If you are unfamiliar with Jonestown this movie closely sums it up.

A religious cult escapes the United States to French Guiana to build a complex away from American extradition so they can practice life and worship by their own terms.

A small group of reporters comes to interview the leader of said cult for a documentary. The reporters quickly realize that not all of the cult members are happy in the new found society and want to go home with them. When the cult leader finds out mass genocide ensues. This is where the saying “Don’t Drink the Kool-aid” comes from.

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V/H/S VIRAL (2014)

VHS Viral

This is part 3 of a trilogy of the same name. Each movie is comprised of a vignette of horror stories not related to each other.

This story is bound by the first act in which a high speed police chase sends a fame-obsessed man on a journey to save his girlfriend. This main plot is broken up by tales of the devil, cult zombies, demons and even more Satan.

By the way I don’t agree with the TomatoMeter reading for this movie. The entire series is great! I’ve watched them all multiple times and they are solid movies.

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