3 Questions About the Anonymous Hactivists

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3 questions about the Anonymous Hactivists. Who are they? What have they done? Why is Anonymous important?

As I write these words I sit alone in an apartment with no air conditioning sweating over a hot laptop watching videos by the acclaimed anonymous hactivists collective Anonymous. As sweat pours down my forehead I ponder the greater good of this group sweating behind a sea of Guy Fawkes masks. But wait…just who is Anonymous? In this week’s 3 Questions I will answer 3 questions about a group that is fighting for our personal freedoms on a daily basis.

In this post, I intend to answer 3 questions you may or may not have about this heroic group of anonymous hactivists.

Who are the Anonymous Hacktivists?

Anonymous is a group of…you guessed it anonymous persons and hackers on the Internet that have come together for very specific causes. Their website is known as “an internet group”. There is no one person who is at the forefront of the cause, rather an anonymous collective made up of anonymous people collectively sharing knowledge and levering power across the Internet.

Anonymous became well known for a series of well-publicized publicity Denial of Service attacks on religious, government and corporate identity websites.

Anonymous is the entity our founding forefathers could never have imagined. They embrace the tenants of freedom in a bureaucratic society overrun by corporations and greed. A society that never saw greedy conglomerates bailed out of hard situations while the lower class was made to struggle and fail. We fled England for our independence only to wind up with Plymouth Rock tied to our ankles while we sunk in the Potomac.

If ever there was a time to be pissed off at how things have become it is now. Anonymous hacktivists are the face of the “Regular Class”. The faceless millions that make up the majority of people in the world in which we now live. Anonymous is the voice that has been squelched. We, the royal we, you who sits reading this are Anonymous Hactivists.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!

Don’t believe me? Check out this attack that happened live on the David Pakman Program where to hate monger Shirley Phelp’s website was taken down while be interviewed on the program. I won’t link to her site, but you’ve no doubt heard about these haters of American heroes. The low life’s that protest at soldiers funerals. Again I won’t link to them, but they push their hate speech on the site (GAWD H8s FAGS). A big up for the Patriot Guard Riders for standing up for true heroes by showing up in masses to help drown out the hatred pushed by the Phelps posse.

What Have the Anonymous Hacktivists done?

Anonymous has a laundry list of accomplishments that should be celebrated but in the interest of time and the fact that we have a 2 second collective conscious I’ll keep it brief and bulleted. Here are just a few things the collective Anonymous has made happen.

Why are Anonymous Hactivists Important?

Anonymous is important because it keeps us honest. More importantly it holds people accountable by pointing out wrong doings and injustices and brining them into the limelight. Anonymous exposes the truth that is being withheld from us all. Not only as Americans, but as human beings as a whole. Without honesty we’re just lemmings being pushed closer and closer to an unknown edge. Anonymous may well be our very last bastion of free speech.


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