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Proven blog tips that will attract more visitors & increase website traffic. If you want more visitors keep reading these blogging tips.

So you’ve started your first blog and it’s been months with little to no traffic or visitors. Don’t lose hope as a successful blog doesn’t happen over night, but by following these time-proven blog tips you’ll quickly be driving more website traffic to your site and turning readers into return readers.

Lets face it, if you’ve started a blog you likely did it for a number of different reasons. 2 of the top reasons most people start their first blog is to spread a message with like-minded people and or to create revenue. Whatever the case is, you’ve would up here searching for ways you can improve your own site and you’ll be glad you did.

What the Search Engines are Looking for

blog tipsOne thing many beginning bloggers don’t know about when they first start off is how their website gets indexed by the search engines. There are a number of things the bots pay attention to, but this post will explain how to write search engine friendly code. The search engines are looking for a certain set of criteria when they index your site and what it’s about.

It’s important to search engine optimize your website. If you’re not sure what this means this post will help you give the search engines bots the code they are looking for that will help better place you in the search engine results pages and get traffic to your topic. If you want to know how to beat your keyword competitors you first need to know what the search engines are looking for.

How to Write Blog Posts for Website Traffic

Once you wrap your head around the code the bots are looking for you’ll want to write content for your readers. First and foremost you will want to write something people want to read. This is where keyword research comes into play.

Before you begin writing it is crucial to research your topic. Different people enter different search terms when they are looking for a subject. What seems inherently obvious to you is not always the case for the majority of people Googling your topic. In this post I’ll show you how to blog posts for website traffic. Don’t waste your time writing what you think you know. Instead perform some due diligence and you will enjoy the traffic you are looking for.

Blog Tips that Set Your Site Apart

Usually if you are passionate about a topic the words come from your finger tips fairly effortlessly. This is both good and bad. While being an authority in your field ppulls a lot of weight there are all some time tested blogging tips that will ensure better search rankings giving you a competitive edge against competing websites.

If you don’t know the sites that share the same niche as your own you really should. We’re all competing for first place when it comes to generating traffic. Read more about blog tips that keep visitors coming back inevitably increasing your ROI.

Blog Tips to Make Your Site Load Faster to Keep Visitors

If your page is slow to load chances are people are bouncing away from your website before it even fully loads. If you have a slow site the fact is you’re losing visitors and possible visitors. This post outlines how to decrease page load times. Do you stay on a website that takes forever to load? Why not hit your back button and choose the next link Google has to offer.



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