Cargo Movie Netflix the Post Apocalyptic Zombie Movie with Heart

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Review of the Australian instant cult classic, zombie Cargo movie Netflix. Also watch the original 2013 full length Cargo zombie movie and catch spoilers afterwards.

Cargo the movie began it’s life as an instant, Distopian, cult classic in 2013. It’s only 7 minutes long and yet still spins a very concise yarn that not only engages, but has a very distinct beginning, middle & end despite the ultra-short run time.

Due to aforementioned time constraints, the original plot is obviously a bit different from the Cargo Movie Netflix, but holds very true to the original premise. Which doesn’t come as much of a surprise as the directors of the original short directed the 2018 version as well. The Netflix re-imagining is a scant 1:44 mins long. Subscribers can Watch Cargo on Netflix here.

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Den of Geek was barking up the right tree when they said that Cargo the zombie movie that evolves the genre stood apart from other zombie horror movies. It’s true, the new zombie movie re-imagining of Cargo loosely follows the short, taking a deeper dive into the 48 hour incubation period of the virus. It’s a bitter sweet story that pulls at the heart strings while it compels, terrifies and shocks.

Cargo approaches the zombie uprising from Mother Nature’s point of view. People or “Virals” experience a hibernation or molting type phase before they finally turn. The directors took a cue from insects in nature. Cicadas specifically, which burrow in the earth for years to molt and transform. It’s gross, it’s brutal, it’s FANTASTIC.
Cargo Movie Netflix
The story starts off with character Andy Rose, played by Martin Freeman as he sets out to find help for his afflicted wife across the burnt corpse strewn Outback of Austrailia.

Cargo Movie Netflix 2018

He doesn’t make it far through the carnage before things go horribly wrong and he’s tasked with finding someone to fend for his infant child.

Cargo Movie Netflix 2018

He teams up with a young aboriginal girl who’s lost among the packs of roaming dead. She helps him navigate a dangerous path to an inevitable end. Read the spoilers below for more context.

Cargo Movie Netflix

Cargo Movie Netflix is a Must See

If you’re a fan of the zombie genre like I am you can’t miss this. It’s a new take on the popular subject that doesn’t rehash a tired story. The cast is great, the story is not only strong, but original with tension is that is very real. It’s not only graphic and horrible, but sweet and uplifting. All things you should never read about a good zombie movie and yet there is once again an exception to the rule.

Watch the Original 2013 Cargo Movie

Cargo Movie Netflix

The original Cargo movie is only 7 minutes long. It has a different story line and you can see where they took a couple of liberties, but the Netflix version is quite compelling. Watch the 2013 Cargo full length movie and judge for yourself.


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