Create your Own 9 Picture Instagram Full Page Collage

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How to create an Instagram full page collage on your profile page. How to tile your instagram profile with 1 picture featuring IT's Pennywise.

I created an Instagram full page collage because I’m a geek and I know geeks are legion so here’s a quick Instagram tutorial on how you can do the same.

I thought it would be fun to have IT’s Pennywise take over my Instagram page for a little bit. It looks like this if you view my profile right now.

Photoshop File for Instagram Full Page Collage

I started off with a square image 3588px X 3588px @ 144 dpi.

I used Photoshop to split this image up 9 ways creating images 1196px X 1196px @144 dpi. It would probably have been fine to go with a @ 72 dpi, but you can do what you like.

Instagram full page collage

Transport Instagram Full Page Collage Images to Your Phone

I have a Pixel XL so I just shared my images with Google Photos, but could be done the same way using iCloud if that’s your preference.

The only other thing you need to do is upload your images in the correct order like in the image below outlines. It needs to be done in this order so that Instagram builds your image from the top down.

Instagram full page collage

Please Share Instagram Full Page Collage Tutorial

Pretty simple, but was a bit daunting the first time I created a Instagram Full Page Collage. Please share this quick and easy tip on your favorite social networks. Post your own creations here. I’d love to see your creations.



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