Website Content that Kills & Provokes [How to Write Effective Blog Posts]

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Website content that kills in the SERPS. Do you want to kill in the results? Check out these tips for killer content & murder results pages.

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Write Website Content Addictive as Drugs

Website content that people are addicted to and makes them read on is often controversial. Take a stance on a topic in your niche that may not be so popular. Take the opposite stance on a subject you feel very passionately about. Push people’s buttons and say things you know will piss people off. For an experiment write, an article is the exact opposite of your defined niche. Defend your stance and see how it affects your visitors. Angry comments are comments nonetheless. Rattle their cages. Make them want to voice their side.
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Getting comments aren’t easy. Sometimes taking an adverse stance to the popular opinion will motivate people to either like or hate what you’re writing about. This tip is for those looking for more comments. They may be negative, but in the eyes of Google, these are valid comments just the same. This will help establish you as an authority in your niche. Try this tip if you have the balls.

The World’s Most Wanted Website Content

website contentUs , We, The Royal We as human beings as a culture are not all that hard to figure out. Sex sells, drugs sells, drama sells, death sells. We are drawn to the bad that happens to the good and bad of us all. No one wants to read the story of the crime that went right. If that was the case we wouldn’t have Scarface, Dog Day Afternoon, The Godfather….I could go on, but why.

I don’t want to see the version of Good Fellas where Spider doesn’t get moped out by a hail of gunfire for talking trash. If it’s not a tragedy then it’s got to be a comedy and I’m just not that funny. Make me laugh or make me gasp period.

Good Website Content Pulls @ the Heart Strings

website contentThe website content that gets shared is often shocking. People don’t want to hear about the good that happens. That’s reserved for family members and well-wishers. It’s either comedy or tragedy. It’s been the same since the days of the Greek forum and before. Write for your audience above all, but try to separate yourself from the crowd.

Whack The Competition

website contentVerbally whack your competition and watch your SERPs grow. This is an important tip. Know your enemy = know your competition. you’re competing for keywords. Know your battleground. Play dirty if need be. SERPs are for perps. Landing pages are for closers.

The only hard and fast rules of just what works with the search engines is good, original website content. Gone are the days of people playing off of the low hanging fruit. The one thing that works, that always works and continues on is original content. Make your website content the drug that the Internet is looking for. Give them the first free hit and make your content irresistible to the consumer holding the pipe. A grisly analogy true, but you read the begging of this post.



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