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Who Can Post?

Posts that are relevant to this web site’s niche ie SEO, web design, development and marketing are happily accepted. Links back to relevant content not only helps this site, but yours as well.

What is Not Tolerated

What is not tolerated is above everything SPAM.

Spam comments will not see the light of day on If you are a spammer your link will be deleted and your ip address will be banned. I have no time for hackers flexing their geek muscles here. Also negative comments will not be tolerated. Talking smack about other people and or web sites creates a hostile environment which is something I’m not at all interested in.

Play nice and it’s win win for everybody. Don’t and you’ll get the boot. That being said, I look forward in a mutually beneficial back linking relationship with your website. Let’s help each other create a better web experience for everyone else.

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