2 Crafty Social SEO Tips with Easy to use Code Examples

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Easy to implement social seo tips with code examples. These snippets will not only add content to your blog but make it more read-ably viral.

I recently employed a couple crafty social SEO tips on my site that I’d like to share complete with code examples. Now these tips will help save you some time and create useful social SEO modules that will populate themselves, create page content and help readability efforts if applied properly. I’ll outline how to implement social SEO, what I consider to be a couple of pretty sharp additions to your website.

Good content is paramount for readership as well as viral appeal. It’s in your best interest to make content that people want to share. These code snippets will help liven up your page content while providing social SEO that make your content easy to find and easy to share. It’s up to you to write something compelling. Let’s talk about some fairly simple WordPress code that can be updated to do just that.

Social SEO Tip #1 Meta Generated Page Summary Module

Say that 3 times really quick. Delivering content that’s easy to digest is a solid SEO tip. In the modules I’ve noticed, short bullet-ed lists with a couple sentences summarizing what the post is about start off each page. A module before content that gives a short description of what the viewer is about to read. This works two fold. One by adding easily digestible content to your page that can be crawled by spiders and 2 it creates a snappy little module if implemented correctly.

With the code on this page this piece of content is generated by pulling your meta description which is index-able page content that also shows up in the description of search results pages. Make sure to write a decent page description between 150-160 characters. Why between 150-160 characters? Because that’s all that shows up in SERPS. I use the Yoast SEO plugin which helps me write better SEO friendly content. You’ll need to install this plugin to implement the code I’ve outlined here. This can also be done with PHP and curl, but this tutorial utilizes code generated by this plugin.

Social SEO

The following code calls your page description meta data. You’ll want to add this code to your WordPress template’s “single.php” file. I’ve also added my CSS so you can style a module that bests fits your website.

Your single.php file is located inside your active theme folder. Read more about WordPress Template Hierarchy here.

Social SEO Tip #2 Auto Generated Better Click to Tweet Widget

Here’s where the social part of the post begins. With the following code you will generate an auto populated tweet module. I used the Better Click to Tweet plugin with a twist. The following code pulls your page title and inserts it into the plugin itself. Again you’ll need to create a good tweet-able title, but that’s up to you and really should be the first thing you do before writing a successful blog post anyways.

Bonus Social SEO Tip

The previous tip is made even more powerful if you’re using Twitter Cards to attract more visitors. Twitter cards are meta tags used to populate Twitter how you see fit. You can pull a better summary and set an image to be associated with your Tweets. Statistically, more people click on tweets that have images. Make sure that image is compelling and you’ll engage more Tweets and followers.

Adding this code to your single.php file will automatically insert these 2 widgets into every post on your WordPress site. If you took the time to write good, solid descriptions you’ll immediately have an entire site populated with shiny new widgets.

Auto Generated Better Click to Tweet Widget

↓↓↓ See the Twitter Better Click to Tweet module below and feel free to click to Tweet it. ↓↓↓Learn how to create your own auto-generated better click to tweet widget in minutes. Click To Tweet



2 Crafty Social SEO Tips with Easy to use Code Examples Click To Tweet