For the Love of God Stop Playing the Lottery RIGHT NOW!

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Once again it’s time for me to step up on my digital soapbox and air a grievance that’s been annoying me for a long time now. This is a message to all of you out there that play the lottery.


Or at the very least wait until between 11 pm – 3 am so those of us in the work force don’t have to wait while you turn in your stubs or rub pennies on your scratchers. If you truly have nothing better to do than throw your money away why not do it at an hour that doesn’t inconvenience the rest of society?

If I’m to be honest it’s not so much that you’re actually playing the lottery, well sort of. It’s that you choose to do so when the rest of us are stopping for our morning coffee on our way into work. And don’t get me wrong, it’s just as annoying when we’re on our way back home as well.

This is not your world that we’re lucky enough to be part of

What the true grievance comes down to is that you’re wasting everybody else’s time. That’s what annoys me most.

If you’re one of the offenders I’m speaking of please know you’re not the only person this world that matters. It’s a very self-centered, selfish way to go through life. The rest of us don’t want to wait while you pick your next ridiculously named scratch off or play your daily numbers.

Why not catch up on some day time tv or get back to that ship in a bottle you’ve been putting off before heading to the gas station or party store to find out that you lost yet again?

Stop Playing the Lottery NOW!

The Lottery Sends a dangerous message

The dangerous message sent by the lottery is that if I win big I never have to work again. This might sound like a pipe dream and far fetched AND IT IS, but it’s more the thought process it supports than the reality of actually winning. By playing the lottery you’re saying that “If I win all my problems will be over”. “I can finally quit this shit show”.

If this is your only salvation then it’s time to get into a new profession. This plan only insures a long and unfulfilling life.

I don’t like that notion. I like the fact that I work hard every day and I bring home a paycheck I earn. I don’t want to stop working. I feel gratified by the fact that I can provide for my family by earning an honest salary.

It’s this wanting something for nothing attitude that keeps us from achieving our full potential. The idea that I could quit what I’m doing today if the money gods just smiled on me once isn’t something I want to instill in my children. I want them to be proud of what they do. I want them to want to reach lofty goals. I want them to have a fire in their bellies and a real drive that gets them up in the morning.

And when they’re on their commute I don’t want them to have to wait for coffee.

New Lottery Hours

If all you number junkies and scratch-aholics could just get your fix in the off hours you’d be doing society a huge debt of gratitude. If this post sounds harsh then good. I really hate the lottery. I don’t like the idea that someone else is in charge of my destiny.


Is the Lotto a Waste of time?
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  • I'm the one standing in front of you buying lotto.

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