Quick Effective Blog Tips for WordPress Beginners

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A post for WordPress beginners that'll insure better click through rates, plugins to engage readers & advice for running a safer, faster blog.

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Blogging success depends on a number of extenuating factors including on and off-page SEO, regular content creation and user engagement to name just a few. The following tutorials will help WordPress beginners to seasoned bloggers alike. If you are a WordPress beginner the following blogging tips will start you off on the right path to better website traffic and more readers.

Banner Management for WordPress Beginners

If you’re going to be blogging chances are you’re going to want to make some money while doing so. Affiliate programs are designed to do just this. The first thing you want to do is find an affiliate that matches the niche of your site. You’ll want to pick affiliates that aligns with what you’re writing about. Choose products or services your readers would be interested in purchasing. For instance, my blog is about blogging tips and how to blog. One of my favorite affiliates is MyThemeShop.com.

They sell website and blog templates. If you’re not exactly sure what affiliates work for you try Commission Junction. Here you will find a wide range of affiliates in all manner of industries.

Once you signed up and joined affiliate programs you’ll need a banner management system. I’ve been using the affiliate management plugin AdRotate for WordPress for years. It’s a well maintained plugin that allows you to easily create ad groups and add new affiliates when new opportunities arise. There are a ton of options including settings zones to display your ads, the option to deactivate ads by date and an easy to read click-through tracking dashboard and more. This plugin is a true “must-have” for anyone interested in monetizing a blog.

WordPress Beginners

Affiliate Program Management Made Easy with 1 Simple Plugin

WordPress Child Themes & Why you Need One

If you’re a less than intermediate coder this tip might be a little difficult for you, but if you wish to save yourself a lot of time with blog updates this tip is a must. WordPress child themes are themes that accompany your installed parent theme. With a child theme you can make updates to your template that wont be affected every time there’s a new version of your template released.

Child themes are associated with your installed preferred theme. They allow you to inject code into your page that wont be eliminated when you install any updates that will arise through out the life of your WordPress blog. By creating a child theme you’ll be able to update core files while keeping custom code additions.

WordPress Beginners

WordPress Child Theme and Why you Should Create One

Better WordPress Performance & Security

One of the main reasons readers leave your blog is poor performance. One of the biggest headaches bloggers have is arguably website security.The following post will help you keep your site safe as well as make it loads fast keeping your readers happy. Better load times = user retention and higher click-through rates.

WordPress Beginners

How to Improve WordPress Performance and Security

Decrease Page Load Time & Increase Visitors

This is another post about decreasing page load times. Why a second post you might ask? There are many ways to improve the load time of your website. Implementing as many as possible is important if you’re serious about making your readers happy.

This post outlines several WordPress plugins that can be utilized to speed up your page load. This is the low hanging fruit of site optimization. One click plugin installs allow for quick and easy optimization. There are some tips not to be missed by WordPress beginners

WordPress Beginners

Improve Page Load Times and Increase Visitor Retention

WordPress Plugins for User Engagement

Once you get your website loading fast you’ll want to give your readers a reason to stay. Engaging new readers can be a tricky game, but if you’re serious about upping your blogging game the tutorials on this post will do just that.

Again this tip is a no-brainer as the plugins listed here were created to engage visitors. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. Just download, install, enjoy.

WordPress Beginner

Encourage Better User Engagement with WordPress Plugins

A Final word to WordPress Beginners

The tips and tutorials above will help you on your way to blogging success, but if your really serious about wanting to succeed blogging this is the best advice I can give.


You need to provide something for 2 audiences. Your readers as well as the search engine bots. Unique content, frequent content will keep the bots crawling your pages. Stealing some one else’s content…

  • A. Get you black-listed on Google.
  • B. Provide no useful information to your readers resulting in low click-throughs and ultimately blog death.

If you start a blog it should be something you know about. It should be something your passionate about. When writing doesn’t seem like a chore your on the right track. If it feels like a chore to you just imagine what kind of chore it feels like to your visitors who searched for your subject.

Keep it fresh, keep it yours, keep it interesting.

Happy blogging Internet.



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